The U.K & Australian Mental Health Acts are able to remove all your rights. Both Acts require urgent amendment.


7 December 2017. This is the beginning of My Campaign to change the Mental Health Acts of both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Today you could be sitting at home whilst outside armed Police Officers could be pointing their M4’s at you.

At your front door could be more armed officers who with a Court Order obtained without your knowledge or opportunity to object will break down your door in order to  enter your home.

Once inside your home they can disable you with a Taser and then restrain you so that you are unable to move.

A NHS or Australian Medicare Nurse or Doctor could then inject you with a Drug to subdue you.

You would then be taken to a room in a secure Mental Health Facility in which there is only a bed.

You could be stripped of all your clothes and strapped to the bed.

Within 24 hours you could be subjected to electric shocks to your brain or more drugs to subdue you.

At the same time the Government can take charge of all your assets including your home and money.

All this can happen and in all that time nobody has been allowed to represent you and nobody has told you why all this has happened to you.

I know – it almost happened to me. I intend to change the Law.

This is one instance of the Abuse of the Mental Health Act by the Australian Government.

I had just booked into a hotel in Albany Western Australia and was on the bed relaxing when 2 Western Australian Police burst into the room, handcuffed me and said I had been loud – I was in  Hotel room quiet!

They were very aggressive both verbally and physically. Again it was for a Mental Assessment!  When we arrive nobody interviewed me. I was put in a room with just a bed and one cupboard. I was injected with a drug twice – despite my objections.  Yet each day I was allowed to go out and wander round town!!

After 3 weeks they said I could go. LOL. Apparently I was delusional because I wanted to write to improve the World. They too found nothing wrong with my Mental Health.

Desmond Last My Story the Legal and Illegal Abuse of Power 

U.K Mental Health Act 1983

Australia Mental Health Laws 

Electric Shock Treatment is barbaric, unproven, damaging and in contravention of the International Convention of Human Rights because if it were used on a Prisoner of War it would be classified as Torture.

This is my first Freedom of Information Act request for my ‘Campaign of Change’.