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How and when will peace on earth come?

After we have fought for it. There is much Evil in the World both conscious and unconscious Evil. Much of it accompanied by voyeuristic apathy and fear.

Many people are too afraid to stand up for their rights and those that do are persecuted by Governments and Corporate. ‘Government’ unwillingness to listen and act for the people is creating extremes in opposition. Civil confirmation is looming ever near.

Peace will not come from ‘Government’. They are now too deeply immersed in their own quicksand of lies, deceit and self-preservation.

‘Central Government’ is a dying era. It is past its use-by date. It no longer has any relevance to the uncertain future the World faces.

Peace will come from the People.

We the People will be alone when Climate Change reaches its zenith of extreme acts of a system that extrapolates to a constant of deadly change.

We will have to fend for ourselves. Afterwards will be a new People. Cooperative and ready to defend their communities. Government will be gone. With that time will come the final battle of Good against Evil. Choose your side and prepare yourself. Good luck.

Pavement Marine.

This poem is titled ‘Pavement Marine’. It is a poem about a United States Marine who commits suicide – one of the 5,000 US soldiers and veterans who committed suicide in 2018. I hope one day to read it out in front of the White House – on the Lawn with the President and those Veterans and serving military who have not committed suicide would be good but on the Pavement will do.


Pavement Marine

You wanted me to die for you.

Did you not?

Do you see me dying?

Each day my death for you a little nearer

You knew that which I did not.

But you never said.

No stark bloody truth you ever gave me.

I now be my own truth.

My dream of duty – a cherished pride.

You cheered me on – a triumphant vanguard

No solitude with my muted anger was ever promised.

I marched those stripes of red white and blue

‘Go get them’ you said

From your bars and Televisions.

‘Whip them boy. Give them one for me’.

My President too. Speeches to make me proud – and I was. I still am.

I lifted by your words and carried by my Nation.

‘Get the fucking medic now, Where is that fucking medic’.

Your fine words wasted on a dusty outpost of democracy.

From where my brotherhood lay to die.

‘Don’t die. You will not die. Medic. Medic where the fuck is the Medic’.

Now you no longer see me.

I am gaunt and grey, a silent embarrassment that haunts you.

I blend into the slabs of hardness I beg from.

I am your Pavement Marine.

First the bottle my solace,

Now the needle my constant companion.

‘You will not fucking well die.  I brother am your love your life – fuck the medic, fuck you all’

I now shoot not my enemy but myself.

Your Federal programs my absent friends.

I love my needle like I loved my M16A4.

My life I see in my crystals of oblivious escape.

An irony of circumstances as you automate your feelings to me.

You do not hear my silent screaming as it engulfs my every thought.

It drowns my disciplined silence to your World.

A screaming disjointed harmony of my fears

It a confusion of light and dark deep swallowing sound.

Each disharmony a shudder to my mind’s fighting hole.

‘Medic, Medic’. There is no medic only me.

My hands deep inside the red hole of his chest.

Tears and anger. Cold fear my companion, my comrade now dead.

More my comrade; my brother, my union, my love and respect.

I am you America. Do you not see me?

I am that which you be and all that you will be.

America you have need of me; my stature is your belief.

I hold my head high. Your indifference will never defeat me.

For I die with ‘Semper Fi’ to my Nation.

Laughing, crying, silent, soulful that is I – all in one moment.

Your automation – a visual avoidance – your eyes never meet mine.

Your steps an echo of my solitude.

I seek to remind you.

I am the Nation.

Honour, Duty and the fight for freedoms.

I know who I am America. Do you?

Walk on by your dollars thrown at me.

I see your guilty eyes.

Is your conscience now appeased?

The worst of our Nation taunts me.

I laugh as they beat me.

I stand silent as they threaten me.

I crawl as they kick me.

I never beg for Mercy. For I am a United States Marine.

I sob alone in my loneliness.

Now I stare at my blood.

A river of escape for my pain.

With it a tide of relief.

My war with my Nation is nearly over.

The voices are calm now.

My lost brother nearby. He awaits me.

I feel the deafening tremors leave me.

I am proud. My pride alongside me – my dull and twisted heart of purple.

My duty will never die.

Now I will be at Peace.

Now you will know who I am.

Your goodbye to me? Full Military Honours.

You honour my death but not my life.

Now finally America I have your respect.

God Bless America.


Desmond Last copyright. 29.4.19. Sydney. Australia.


Anzac Day 25 April 2019.


I hold very strong views regarding the appreciation of those who are prepared to risk their lives to protect their Nation and its Citizens. Maybe it is because my father was in the RAF and served in Malta during WW2 – where he met my mother who like the rest of Malta was bombed daily by the Nazis in an attempt to make the People of Malta surrendered. They never did. I uphold the view that we as a People are judged on how we protect those who cannot protect themselves.

I am a writer. All I can do is write words that no others can write so that we all understand that it is not just a memory we are giving thanks to but our futures for which lives were given.

This poem I finished on Anzac Day and at 6.30 am on that day I stood alone on the Western side of the Anzac Bridge in Sydney and read out my Anzac Tribute.


Anzacs we seek that which you gave life for.

Anzacs. We seek thee from within the darkness of this today your dawn.

A rousing of our Nation with thee alongside for that which you did so aspire to be.

An aspiration of Nationhood born of independence, a stalwart toil and an undoubted bravery.

We stare into the ebb of darkness and from within a crimson of awakening are set afire by our own hopes which giveth pace to our dreams and a fulfillment of our horizons.

A fire of spirit that you our Anzacs have left as an eternal flame of sacrifice to ignite within us that which you so desired and fought for – a freedom and a future.

Today this fiery welcome to thee it doth be for the Anzacs and to all those who have giveth of life for their Peoples.


To be cont/..








What does selling your soul mean?


It means that you walk with Evil as if Evil were part of your life. Your apathy becomes the New Evil as Evil is unable to exist without you and your selfish greed and hypocrisy.

Should you be a Prime Minister then your apathy to the pain of all those your deeds of selling weapons of war will join you with Evil. Each child you kill when you sell your weapons of destruction to those who tear apart the screaming bloodied bodies of the children of war is a ledger to Hell.

Your soul will be sent to Hell for an eternity for God knows that you did not stand for Good but you laid down for Evil to run its searing rake of corrupted religion over the stinking mire of false human rights you proclaim to the World.

Each night God sends you those bloodied bodies with limbs torn asunder screaming so loud you can never sleep.

You see the pit of Hell’s Furnace each night getting closer and closer to you. Its flames searing your body as you awake in a sweat of fear.

Evil has no friend as you too have no friends. You can only buy your companions of soulless delight who sycophant to your rank or wealth only to one day spit on your grave.

That is what selling your soul does it removes those children of bloodied limbs and screaming pain and instead replaces it with the sterile of collateral damage – your apathy now a new name. But not hiding your soul now twinned with Evil.

Your soul is now sold. You have been bought and paid for. You have no place with God and must one day pay the price – an Eternity of screaming, frenzied pain; each nerve on fire each bone aflame. Your soul now an ember of Hells Inferno.

After almost two decades of war, is Afghanistan better or worse?


This is my answer to the Q on Quora.

With over one million Afghanistan men women and children killed by the conflict which began in 1979 and has never ended it is the unmistakable conclusion that we owe the people of Afghanistan a Peace.

There are no ifs and buts. America, Russia, China and Pakistan have proven themselves chillingly unwilling to provide the forum and the system to ensure that Peace and the fight against terrorism can co-exist.

It is no good ignoring the Taliban. They are part of the history and are part of the future of Afghanistan.

ISIS are not – they are unwanted guest of both the people of Afghanistan and the Taliban. ISIS cannot continue roam the Middle East trying to find a people onto which to force its mistaken culture of God.

If ISIS want an Islamic State they they should form one with the people not against the will of the people.

However, if America does not peruse a dialogue of co-operation with the Taliban then the result will be an ISIS, Taliban and Al Qaeda trifecta of insurgency which could result in a Terrorist Superpower.

Peace in Afghanistan is long overdue for the People who have endured the longest conflict in modern times.

Are they better off? No.

What are the problems of culture of peace?


This is my answer to this Question on Quora.

There is a problem and that is that Peace can not be obtained by Peace. I wish it were not so but unfortunately Peace will only be obtained by the use of a Democratic Unified Legal Overwhelming Force – in effect what the United Nations was intended to be and has seldom ever been.

It is a parallel as to why true Socialism will never exist except as a dream for those who seek to achieve it. Not everybody is honest, unselfish, principled and loyal to a cause. In order to co-exist we must rid the World of Evil and that as God, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad know is not an easy task.

Before we can achieve Peace, as otherwise mankind will destroy itself, we must first ensure we all want Peace.

To do that the enforced promotion of the culture of Peace must begin in the place which has in modern times sought so hard to bring Peace; the United Nations.

If we cannot achieve Peace through a Culture of informed dialogue then we must obtain Peace by force.

We must remove the barriers to Peace that exist to further Nation’s vested self-interest and promote instead a Conflict resolution that has the world’s mandate to stop any conflict by any means available and without taking sides.

Until we are able to stop all conflicts with the World’s Mandate for Peace then there can be no culture of ‘Peace for Peace’.
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