Why has Facebook restricted the ‘Voice of the People’.

I write to improve the lives of 7 billion People. My posts on Facebook are not Spam. They are sent to Groups of which I am a member. I do not use profanity and my Posts are factual, insightful and well-received. What is Facebook if it cannot be trusted to be impartial?

These are my views on the violence used by the Spanish Government on the Catalan referendum voters.

This is taken from my answer to a Question on Quora regarding Catalonia. The disgusting violent and illegal actions of both the Spanish Police and Government are a reaction to People’s democracy that the People of the European Union should be very concerned about. The cowardly and self-interested reactions of the E.U and its member […]

What is a happy day for you?

My answer to this Question on Quora A Happy Day for me is a Day that a Government somewhere in the World is made to listen to the People. We have the most arrogant, corrupt, ineffective and intellectually challenged Governments in the history of the World. They are so arrogant they believe they can ignore the […]