Anzac Day 25 April 2019.

I have written two Poems. One I finished on Anzac Day and at 6.30 am on that day I stood alone on the Western side of the Anzac Bridge in Sydney and read out my Anzac Tribute.

Is Australia a good travel destination?

To enjoy a holiday in Australia you need a minimum of 4 weeks. However, if you are limited to a couple of weeks then ensure that you visit the areas that are inner city as they are full of cosmopolitan shopping and historical experiences.

If you had a user’s manual, what would it say?

My answer to this Question on Quora is…… It would contain a Health Warning for Governments and Media. Particularly the U.K and Australian Governments and Media. The Health Warning would state: “Any attempt to incriminate Desmond Last by false testament, silence by legal and illegal means, censor by all efforts legal and otherwise and by doing so […]