What could be done to end the War in Afghanistan?

What is needed for Peace in Afghanistan is an honesty to the reality

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A recognition that the Taliban will never be defeated is an absolute prerequisite for an end to the Conflict in Afghanistan.

Nothing ever stays the same the only constant being a state of change and that applies to the Taliban as much as it does to anybody else.

The Taliban now control 40 per cent of Afghanistan. They have a civil justice system, schools and a health system. They even have a Climate Change Policy. They know that to be a credible Governing Body they must accept social justice in all its many forms.

They also control and have always controlled the mountains. The military Holy Grail in any battlefield is the high ground and it is a military reality that some in the Senior American Military need to remind themselves about.

Over 1.5 million civilians and military personnel have died in Afghanistan since 1979. Now another 4000 American Soldiers are on their way to a land that has given them nothing and taken everything. They will face a battle-hardened Taliban who have not stopped fighting for nearly 40 years – that is a lot of experience

Both Russia and China are talking to the Taliban. China manages to duck every hard decision instead leaving it for American Soldiers to die. China have the Taliban protecting their mineral interests in Afghanistan.

The Taliban do not want ISIS in Afghanistan and neither does President Trump. That is a common ground and one which President Trump should consider as a potential starting point for Peace negotiations.

The Taliban want Peace. If it is to be achieved it is down to one man – President Trump. That is the only way there will ever be Peace – when America accepts the reality of a Taliban who will never give up.

That does not mean giving Afghanistan to the Taliban on a plate. The Taliban cannot force their people to accept them. They too must face the reality that to be part of the World they must allow people to decide for themselves their fate. Just as God has and does.

President Trump is wrong to send more Troops to Afghanistan.

President Trump does not know enough about what is going on in Afghanistan to make a decision which will result in the deaths of more American Soldiers and Afghan Civilians.

He has been wrongly advised. We cannot beat the Taliban. Fighting the Taliban will not control the expansion of terrorism. Nor will it enable Pakistan to stop rival Taliban Groups seek their own Agenda’s. The Taliban now have a Controlling Organization – they will be needed as Allies if Terrorism is to be controlled. They are already acting as a de-facto Government and have established communications with several Governments.

The Taliban control over 40 per cent of Afghanistan. How are an extra 4000 U.S troops going to be able to counter their expansion and ‘kill terrorists’.

America’s terror attacks on its home soil have all been by American Citizens or from Nationals who have been living in America for some time.

China is actively co-operating with the Taliban and so too is Russia. The Taliban are acting as Security in Afghanistan for China’s resources investments.

Why is it that more Americans have to die so that China and Russia can supply the markets that America is ensuring do not suffer terrorist attacks?

America you have lost nearly 3000 good men. How many more?

The Taliban do not want ISIS in control of any part of Afghanistan so the U.S risks the possibility of the Taliban and ISIS working together against the U.S supported by Russia.

Putin is not only getting a free Border Guard but he also get to play his strategic power games against the U.S with the Taliban.

Everybody has their hands in the Till in Afghanistan. Most of the till is American money. Only this week the European Union poured another $100 million into Afghanistan. Where has all the money gone?

President Trump should have pulled out every U.S soldier and said to Russia and China – all yours. They would soon be wanting to work with America once they knew the U.S were leaving

Stop being everybody’s Policeman America – that is what the U.N should be for.

The Taliban are the most experienced fighters in the World. They have been fighting non-stop since 1979 when the Russians invaded Afghanistan. How many of the 4000 U.S troops going to Afghanistan have been fighting since 1979?

Nobody is going to defeat the Taliban and they have the high ground. They own the mountains. They also are the heart and soul of their people.

President Trump I am one of your supporters. But on Afghanistan you are wrong. The Taliban say they want Peace. They say they have had enough of the war. They too do not want terrorism. You should be talking to them not further engaging them in battle.