Strategy for the ‘Drug Crisis in the Philippines using synergies and association with the U.S.A Drug Strategy.


The ‘Drug Crisis’ is not contained to America. The writing of this Strategy will be read by many Governments and the implementation and results of the first Pilot Schemes will be keenly watched. The U.K and Australian Governments can endure the very Public embarrassment of trying to explain why my work was suppressed.

Whilst I cannot of course condone any death caused by Police or Military action unless it was done so legally it is important that those Governments who are active in their actions to stop illegal drug trading are supported – this goes hand in hand with the opioid Drug Problem.

President Duterte has in his own way made a stand against illegal drugs.  We must support his commitment to the safety of his people – particularly to ensure  women and children are not exploited.  If we are able to take that commitment and from it produce a legal and humane response to a Drug Crisis which affects us all then we must do so.

Pilot Schemes are important. They enable the new systems to be tried out and they allow everybody to participate in their evolvement into a more permanent system.

Despite the efforts of the U.K and Australian Governments and media to ensure my work is not widely available  President Trump will want a more exhaustive and complete Strategy written and  implemented as a Pilot so to will President Dutertre ….to be continued.