President Trump. A Statesman to be? The U.S National Strategy – My Assessment.


Our World is a mess. A mess of our own creation and in particular of our Governments. The World needs Leadership, Clarity and a New Direction. President Trump’s National Strategy which was released on the 19th December is not perfect. However, it is a plan. The Strategy clearly lays out the Principles and Philosophy for America’s future in our World. It is in effect a vision of the future that President Trump and his colleagues have for America and the World.

America has got off the fence and by doing so will ensure the World has a direction to follow and a leadership to become involved with.

When I first started writing some 10 years ago I wrote that each World Leader should provide a Vision for their Nation and the World. Why? For the very reason that the White House and President Trump have stated their National Strategy – we have a baseline from which to understand each other.

We should ask of both China and Russia that they produce similar Statements of intent. Once we have them the major Powers will be able to use them to work together for a better World. Understanding what it is we stand for and how we will defend and promote our way of life is essential if we are to progress towards a World of Peaceful Coexistence. For any negotiation to succeed each party to the negotiation must know the position of the other.

I have read the Strategy of the United States and this is my assessment, critique and my own ideas that I believe should be added.

The Introduction. President Trump begins with ‘My fellow Americans: The American people elected me to make America great again’. This is a very important statement. President Trump was elected with a clear majority not by the media but by the People. His introduction is clear and to the point. It is the common theme that runs through the whole Strategy. America is first and foremost for its People. I entirely agree with President Trump. All our Governments need to look to their citizens as their first priority. That is why we have Governments to ensure their Citizens have a roof, a job and a future.

PILLAR I: Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life.

The first pillar of the Strategy provides a clear understanding of what is American and how America should be seen by other Nations and their Peoples. The point is made that America has been too soft, to willing to die for its principles and its fellow Nations and to ready to accept the excess of commercial lawlessness. The direction is clear. America believes in itself and its way of life, will not compromise on its ideals and invites others to join in their vision of the World. America will no longer support those who do not support America.

The message to China and Russia is also clear. It is a World America will compete for fairly – both in Economics and strategic military placement.

However as President Trump has proven America now has clear non-negotiable red lines. This is important. President Trump is right to put a boundary around what he believes to be right and what he believes to be wrong. The U.S cruise missile salvo of Assad’s Military Airbase after chemical weapons were used on civilians in Aleppo is in sharp contrast to the inaction of Obama. Sitting on the fence causes confusion and allows others to take advantage of the vacuum caused by the lack of clarity.

So too North Korea now knows that America will not lets its peoples be under a constant threat. We must hope that a senior American Government Representative will visit North Korea with the message that North Korea will find it easier to sell the Trucks to the World than Nuclear Weapons.

Pillar 1 continues by subject to make clear but not always detailed statements of fact on whole range of potential threats to America. I believe the following areas of U.S National Security should also have been covered by the National Strategy.

Third party’ Government creep is beginning to overshadow the democratic workings of the U.S and other Governments and requires immediate and urgent investigation.

This one is not going to go away. It is despite its lack of Public Domain possibly the biggest current threat to U.S and Global Security.  Sooner or later even the intellectually  challenged Governments of the United Kingdom and Australia will have to deal with it.

Governments have not been careful about who they have contracted out to. They have also not always applied strict positive vetting to contracted Agencies who have been given access to ‘classified information and classified facilities’.

What has in the past been firmly under the eye of the CIA, NSA, FBI and Homeland Security is now under a more distant and devolved scrutiny. The UK and Australia are perhaps the developed World’s leading example of ‘corruption creep’ and the lack of ‘budget accountability’.

Climate Change as a Trojan Horse. President Trump and his military advisors must take Climate Change more seriously. Your Military cannot defend New York if the bridge they have to cross to get them there has been washed away by a major Climate Disaster. So too a trained and prepared hostile force will be able to use a Climate Disaster as a Trojan Horse.

How much training have the US Military had on U.S home soil in Climate Disaster conditions in order to defend against a hostile force?

The US Military must stop changing nappies overseas and train in the US with State and Local Government Agencies in order to deal with Climate Disasters. Boots must be on the ground for Climate Disasters not left in the Barracks. Similarly if California is unable to grow it, the Federal IR will not be able to tax it and the U.S Military will not be able to spend it.

The other is water. The U.S must carry out an urgent Inventory of fresh water supply and its salinity and toxic chemical levels including that which is underground and ensure it is real-time CIA vetted 24/7 monitored.

CyberSpace. Without a Global Regulatory Inspection Authority and Agreement who inspect every Space Vehicle before it is launched are we to live under the threat of being under the umbrella of Nuclear Weapons not to shield us but to be pointed at us? We also need an International Agreement to limit the use of Direct and Microwave Weapons. In the wrong hands they could from an elevated position take out all the computer systems in Washington and New York including those in Hospitals.

What is the point of Russia, China and the US spending $billions on the same attack systems only to have to spend $billions on the same systems for defence? America must take the lead in ensuring that a viable Inspection regime exists  Pre-Launch.

To be continued/……..

President Trump’s U.S.A National Strategy