The Strategy for America’s Drug Crisis by Subject.


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‘Industry and Treatment System Alternatives to Opioid Drugs for the long-term treatment of Chronic Pain’.

Our World is changing. We can change with it or for some and becoming many, drugs and forced idleness are the only solution. Chronic Pain from a more sedentary lifestyle and an easy access to Prescription drugs are a killer and will kill more. That is why we have to adapt……

To be Cont/……..

Opioid Drugs and Chronic Pain.

Much of Chronic Pain in its many forms can be linked to the way in which we live our lives. Providing a drug to suppress Pain will help the sufferers live with the Pain but for many it will not stop the cause of the Pain. There is much that needs be done to ensure that prescription drugs are part of the ‘Smart Patient’ options and that is discussed in the section on ‘Industry and Treatment System Alternatives to Opioid Drugs for the long-term treatment of Chronic Pain’.

Example of the current System Failure. The ‘Patient Counselling Document’ is central to the ‘Opioid Drug Crisis. It is in effect the illustrative symbol of much that is wrong with the current methods of assessment for those in pain. From that one single document a life can be destroyed, a family torn apart or a cell in a Prison filled, a Police Officer’s whole shift taken up, an Ambulance Crew risking their lives to enter an area where crime is accepted and law and order is forgotten, a hospital bed taken from an elderly patient in real need and given to a person suffering from an overdose, a U.S Coast Guard risking his boat and crew in a 3m swell and 30 knot wind to raft up a boat sinking with its overloaded cargo of drugs and trafficking human mules and somewhere a baby will be born – already a drug addict.

America’s Opioid Drug Problem(s) intersect with the Patient Document Counselling Document below to create the beginning of potential drug addiction. This document and no doubt others like it is in part responsible for some of the addiction to Prescription Drugs.  So much of the Opioid Drug Problem is contained in this one piece of Paper.

When it is no longer a piece of paper and instead becomes part of a new Healthcare Platform which encompasses the many new Systems of Healthcare alternatives for Chronic Pain, depression and other incapacitating conditions then Opioid Drug Addiction will no longer be an ‘accelerating rate of addiction’.


The table above listed as ‘Chronic Pain Weighting’ is just one of many systems for classifying the effect of chronic pain on the person and his or her lifestyle. As there is no U.S wide ‘One System’ for pain classification and assessment on a verifiable and enumerated Federal Platform then it is obvious that the parameters of assessment will vary according to the ‘who, where and why of the prescription drug dose and with that variance will come corruption and abuse.

Is there life before Chronic Pain and Opioids?This is where it all begins – almost. There are many Drug Programs. The U.S Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading national public health institute of the United States. Its Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs are intended to oversee and monitor the use of Prescription Drugs in the U.S.

Also in the Gallery above is a data collection set compiled on March 3, 2017  by The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center. It provides an insight into how the Drug Prescription System in America has a revenue focus and not a patient focus. The highest take-up of policies are those that involve money. That is ok but why is it that Patient Policies do not have such a high take-up rate? This strategy will address that problem.

President Trump’s Made in America Campaign.

Using President Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Campaign will allow me to dovetail resources and use Agencies that might not normally be available. It allows brings in ‘Business America’ and a revenue stream.  ‘Business America’ is going to benefit from a Nationwide Campaign to increase demand for Domestic Goods. By doing so it will aid the Export Economy with Economies of Scale. This will then provide additional profit that has been gained because of  Federal Intervention. Some of that Profit will be made available to the implementation of the Pilots when established.

Economic Principle: ‘Idle hands make light work’. You cannot reduce drug addiction without addressing unemployment. Yes many employed people take drugs. But the unemployed are an easy target. Nobody wants to become a drug addict. The best day of an addict’s life would have been his first day – after that it is all downhill. The Unemployed are prey to drug dealers and the least able to employ a lawyer when they get busted for a minuscule amount of illegal drug. Compare Hollywood’s A Class Celebs bust to the unemployed mother with no job, 2 kids by a husband who beat her up and pimped her once he made her an addict, to illustrate why we also need an economic solution.

I am using my own New Systems of Economics to increase the real and perceived value not only of the individual but that of communities affected by unemployment, drug addiction and crime.

I am also using the symptoms of ‘chronic pain’ which lead to opioid drug addiction and illegal drug abuse to create a new method of providing non-drug solutions. At the same time I will be providing a ‘new market’ for American Industries and a new revenue(s) stream for the Health Care System. The Pilot Schemes will all have their own version(s) of ‘Universal HealthCare’.

Applied Value. “Nobody gets money for sitting doing nothing’ would be the motto for its application. This Strategy is not for those who believe in Benefit or a Universal Income for doing nothing. We all benefit from Society so we must all contribute to Society. But as stated earlier nobody is forced to take part.

It is a new approach to life and living where everybody has a value that is recognized; disabled, blind, returned Marine, Homeless, an Addict or impaired in anyway – nobody is left to rust away. Each has a contribution to make and money to earn.

Tax Reform in the Pilot Schemes. This is where my Tax Reform will be able to increase Tax Revenue without increasing the rate of Tax. I will explain this  new System of tax Revenue Productivity further on in this Outline.

Universal HealthCare means just that. Funded in part by the success of the Pilots each person in the Pilot will have a minimum level of Healthcare. The Pilots will sit outside of Obamacare and any revisions made by Congress. This will allow them to apply a System of Universal HealthCare that suits each Community and is not managed from Washington. This will however need Congress to provide all-Party support and involvement as it intended that a model be produced for Universal Healthcare. It is not possible to address illegal drug addiction, chronic pain and the opioid drug crisis unless there is a minimum standard of health care for each person. You cannot involve one person in a system that is dedicated to avoiding addiction and then put another outside of it.

The State of Utah has one of the lowest per capita costs of Healthcare in the U.S at $5982 per person whilst the District of Columbia is $11994. Therefore it makes econmic sense to ask why and to state that even though the District of Columbia has higher health care cost who has their ‘hands in the till’? There is sufficient funding for Universal Healthcare but the system needs to be much more efficient to provide it….to be Cont/….

Pilot Schemes. The Pilot Schemes are an essential part of the Strategy. There is always a learning curve and under that curve lives a $ value and people’s lives. The Pilot Schemes also from part of the self-help Principle that embodies this Strategy. It provides for mentoring as new Pilots enter the scheme and they create a real barrier to entry for illegal drugs and crime. Finally they provide for an element of competition and Pride.

The Pilot Schemes will also help to identify groups who may be using third party Government to illegally profit from the Drug Crisis and who are setting their own agenda within the American system of Government as well as placing their own people. Identifying such Groups should be a compulsory part of any Program, Strategy, Congressional Statute and even any Executive Order made by President Trump.  Any Federal, State, City and Council Program and the Staff Involved should be positively verified.

Choice. Nobody will be forced to take part in the Pilot Schemes. However, in order for the Strategy to work the community must want to help themselves. Communities must nominate themselves to be included in the progression of the Strategy as it makes its way across America. Each Community giving the benefit of Community Empowerment received by being part of the Strategy to the next as mentoring and an exchange of ideas. Thus progressing the Strategy as a dynamic embodiment of the ‘American Dream’; the ability to do well for yourself, your family and your Community – it exists nowhere else in the World. It is unique to America. All members of a Community are invited to join; unemployed and employed, retired and working, drug addict and non-drug addict, working mum at home and single mums.

If an individual does not want to be part of it fine. But they will not be able to profit from any venture the community becomes part of.

It does not matter if you believe in Climate Change or not. At some point in time as recent events are proving you as an individual will be subjected to a Climate Disaster. That means every system(s) we have in our Countries will need to be able to continue to operate in a Climate Disaster and at the level of delivery that is necessary to sustain life.

Our Climate is changing and that change is an accelerating rate of change. We are at the edge of a risk system that we really should be very concerned about entering. The Climate Disasters we are experiencing  are in themselves changing our Climate. The risk System could become a ‘New Climate’ and one which is irreversible. However strangely nobody seems too concerned and people do not seem to mind uprooting their whole life when the weather or bushfire gets too severe. So I will focus on how to ensure that the Drug Crisis in America does not become an opportunity for criminals in a Climate Disaster. I also discuss what should be done for those who cannot obtain the drugs they need to make sure they will not take heroin or some other lethal equivalent.

Note: I have been writing systems for how to deal with Climate Change for 8 years see Summaries of my Writing

Part of the Strategy is that it is a Business. It will produce a revenue. To be Cont/…..


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Even though the ‘Drug Crisis’ is a big problem it is not insurmountable. My strategy is a system which brings together all the Agencies and Professional involved. It also is a Community involvement Strategy and it combines with Presidents Trump’s ‘Made in America Campaign. I have written a new Economic Theory entitled ‘Dynamic Economics’ and part of that Theory replaces Unemployment as an Individual with no value and provides him or her with a Value within the Community – it is called Zero Unemployment. This Strategy ensures through the use of my New Economic Theory ‘Dynamic Economics’ that every person is realised not as a numeric but as a person with a value. A lack of Pride and usefulness is one of the key catalyst factors in the progress towards addiction. Unemployment in ‘Dynamics Economic’ is no longer viewed as an ‘Individual Problem’ but is instead addressed as a structural symptom of economic failure which is dealt with  at the community level. In each Pilot Scheme there will be no person unemployed. Zero Unemployment Theory is not Universal Income.

Universal income is disruptive and divisive. Why should people accept the mediocre when they can strive for the gr8? We all use the ‘system’ therefore we must all make a contribution to its upkeep. But more importantly we must all have a worth in the ‘system’. Universal Income is a step towards a Society in which a whole class of People will be treated as only worth a minimum income to keep them at home and not part of Society.

Zero Unemployment unlike Universal Income provides each person with the opportunity to increase income. It does not mean each person has a job 8 hours a day. What is does mean is that each person has a value from which to earn their position in the Community. We have in our Society returned soldiers handicapped and traumatized, we have young people with disabilities, we have senior citizens consigned to the Waste Tip why should they not be part of Society? Everybody has a contribution to make and one which they can be proud of.

Why for instance should I give up writing just because the U.K  & Australian Media, Theresa May,  Jeremy Corbyn and Malcolm Turnbull deliberately ignore my work? I have not allowed their deliberate efforts to suppress my enthusiasm for wanting the World to be one in which we can all live and work together in Peace to succeed. This Strategy does the same – it embraces the enthusiasm  of people wanting to do well for themselves their family and their Community – and with that their Nation..

I know my value and I want all Americans to understand how they can realise their.

In areas of high unemployment the value of the community is realised as a ‘Business Potential’ and therefore the nett potential value of those within it increased. Example: Take all the parts of an aircraft and lay them out on the ground. Will they fly? No. Put them all together and they fly. So too the Individual nett worth is increased by being part of a dynamic – ‘The Community’. Those that choose to remain outside of the Pilot can do so – it is their choice.

President Trump wants the People of America to feel and be gr8 again. The Policy of ‘Zero Unemployment’ is in line with his vision for America. ‘You can sit and watch the World take advantage of you or you can take part in the making  of you and your Nation be gr8’. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be ‘Great’ and there is everything right about a President who wants greatness for his Citizens.

To be cont/….

This Strategy is going to evolve the ‘Smart Patient’.

The body is not a revolving door for anybody who wants to fill it with drugs. It is owned by its Person. The Patient will, whenever possible in the ‘Smart Patient System’ make a decision about what is best for their body. The ‘Smart Patient’ will help the Human Patient to make the right decision. That way the Doctor who is only concerned with getting his Prescription Company rebate will not override what is best for the Patient. It will assist the majority of Doctors who do not have the time to offer any alternative to a backache other than a potentially addictive drug. We need drugs for Chronic Pain but they do not always remove the cause of the pain only suppress it.

But and it is a big But of this Strategy the Smart Patient must be able to provide the treatment partners to the Drug. That will involve the Fitness and Recreational Industries in America, natural medicines and Physio Alternatives  Which then lead onto workplace fitness, nutrition and stress management.

It will also need the Insurance Companies to rate the Patient’s ability to address the source of the Pain with the alternatives made available……to be continued.