Order of Implementation and TimeLines

Under Construction. This Page will provide an Outline of the Order of Priorities in order to achieve;

Stage One.

A reduction in the increasing Rate of Opioid Drug Addiction.

A reduction in the increasing Rate of Illegal Drug Addiction.

A Reduction in the Outputs of the ‘Drug Addiction System ie, Crime, Drug Overdoses, Imprisonment due to ‘Drug Addiction’.

An increase in Community Empowerment in the Pilot Schemes to include the first Communty members of ‘Zero Unemployment’ and Industry and Government Partners participation.

An increase in American Domestic Manufacturing and associated sales.

An increase in the Seizure of Illegal Drugs and non-approved Generic Drugs.

A decrease in the rate of reported instances of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.

A decrease in reported cases of illegal Prostitution.

A decrease in the increasing rate of Homelessness.

A decrease in the amount of Persons not covered by Medical Insurance.

An increase in Participation due to the new Technology Platform ‘Smart Patient’ and ‘New Industry’ Opportunities  by U.S based only National Company such as Facebook, Amazon,  Microsoft, Apple et al and Industry Partners such as Harley Davidson, Buick Jeep, SeaRay etc.

The initial process of U.S Military Involvement.

The Initial Mentor Team Involvement with the Government of the Philippines.

Note:  Obviously this is not for me to state but as the Strategy will achieve results then at a later stage the U.S Government may allow participation with other Nations on a commercial basis.

To be Continued……