The UK Government ensures it is easier to read ISIS than Desmond Last.


Me – All True and Provable: The Media for reasons of their own that I am unable to comprehend or even imagine will not report me or any of my work for a ‘Better World’. Governments have never acknowledged my writing about Terrorism and for a ‘Better World’. United Kingdom and Australian Government Agencies have attempted to silence me by questioning my writing. 

I write for the Peace of the World and the respect we must want to have for each other if the World is ever to be at Peace with itself.

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I believe that a New Perspective of how God’s World interacts with our own is needed.

I have called it the Epiphany. It begins with a voice alone, powerful and defiant striding through the shifting sands of a humanity tossed against the winds of its own inability to combine in a united direction. The words gale against the storm of mankind’s torment as God’s will stalks the conscience of mankind and seeks of each of us a respect for each other that we gnaw at as if it were our very souls laid bare for all our Evil to be seen. Its companion writing is my work ‘Angel’. My writing has been illegally copied. Until I find the Evil vermin who proclaimed my work to be theirs and they are arrested I only write short essays on-line.

My work is not finished. Much has been done to prevent me from writing. I am sure it is God’s will that I still write.

This writing asks why is it that the deliberate premeditated killing of a child is considered to be an act of God’s will and then considers what it is that God seeks of each of us. Unlike ISIS I do not claim to speak on God’s behalf. I speak for the child who has done no wrong.

In order to stop the growth of terrorism we must remove its support. For that is the only way in which the terror threat that ISIS is able to produce will be lessened. Yes the Military solution must be maintained but it must be a united humane legal response and it must involve all Nations equally. Which is why we urgently need to reform the United Nations.

We will never divert the leaders of ISIS from their chosen path. They have lived too much, seen too much and died too much. We must recognise that fact. Nor as long as the World allows the violence that divides regions and Peoples will we ever remove all their support. Our Governments must show those who are disaffected from Government that it does have solutions. Therefore, our Governments must take note of new ideas for a ‘Better World’. Unfortunately, it would appear that they do not.

I for my part hope that those who seek the Kingdom of Heaven with the deaths of children in Terrorist attacks will read these words and ask of themselves ‘What would God do?’ rather than be what ISIS demands of them.

To ask that question is to begin to understand that both the Quran and Bible are not tools to be used for the selfish purpose of whoever seeks their own interest through them.

They are words of the winds of change sailed upon by thousands of years of God’s hopes for that World in which one day we will all live in Peaceful Harmony. 

God is not easy. He wants nothing more than our best. After all he went to a lot of trouble to give us his. God wants us to be proud of our accomplishments, joyful of our successes and united as Mankind in times of need can be, Are we? No. Evil has gained a stranglehold on Mankind. If we are to stop terrorism we must defeat all Evil not just that of a terrorist who murders children.

God watches our development with sometimes surprise and Pride but more often than not with disappointment. God does not want your loyalty given to him covered with the blood and guts of a small child whose eyes may have seen nothing other than the horrors of war and then the pain of his own death. Nor does he want the death of child who has done nothing to support that which some seek to lay blame for.

Terrorism must be isolated from the reasons for its development. The act of terror must be set apart from any relationship to the Word of God, the Quran and the Bible.

The West is the new terror ground, the battleground, our new horror. That is where support for ISIS will continue to grow. We must follow our own teachings of God by providing a new and legal unified Military solution with an evolved Philosophy that has a voice that provides, not just promises, the rights of human dignity and respect given to us by God and by International Law. If not we will continue to see more and worsening Terror attacks.

To the terrorist his or her actions are perfectly sane. Unless we recognise this with a way of communication which has an answer to the mode of final frustration and anger that results in an avenue of controlled  acts of terror then their only response will remain an Act of Terrorism – more so the Lone Wolf.

Does President Trump wake up each morning and say I order the American Military to deliberately kill children as an act of God? No. That is the difference between terrorism and the West’s attempts to contain its expansion. It does not excuse indiscriminate or mistaken bombing. It does not excuse the support of corrupt Governments. It does not excuse supplying weapons to regimes you know will use them to kill children and it does not excuse the Gaza Blockade. But it does mean that the deliberate premeditated killing of children and civilians must stop. It is God’s will that it must be so. It is not ISIS right to ignore the will of God.

There are two ISIS. One is a reaction to a World which supports regimes which speak righteously and act hypocritically. You cannot build Nations from afar they must be constructed from the participation of the People and the voice of those who truly represent them. So too you cannot force a way of Western Philosophy onto a people who seek God’s will as their daily duty.

The other is a deliberate cruelty not shared by God or by the majority of Islam and those of all the Faiths of God.

ISIS use the West’s  inability to produce a counter to that of ISIS as a reason to denounce them as an Evil they seek to destroy. The West is left with no option but to use Western Islam to deradicalise those who their Security Services put forward as a potential threat. Yet Western Islam is an Evil to ISIS and offers to no alternative to the frustration and anger that Western Middle East and African Policy has produced.

My writing does offer an alternative. One which I hope will help lead to a World at Peace. It is not written to support the use of Western Economic Policy to suppress  human rights nor is it written for Theresa May or President Trump. It is written for the people. It offers a new way of understanding.  We must not kill for selfish gain but we must defend with all legal and humane means available human rights through a reform of  United Nations that for the first time has the representation of all the faiths within its decision-making body. I have written a detailed outline of such a reform. I call it UN2.

ISIS are unable to condemn my writing as that of a Western Puppet because it is not written to order for any Government. It is one man’s wish to see a World of God as one united in Peace and respect for each other.

My Philosophy is intended to develop the Word of God into a World – a transformation which has so far eluded our practitioners of the Faiths – the apathy that exists in response to the growth of Evil in our World is evidence of that. Crime can be dealt with but Evil is more than a contravention of the Law. It is a total disregard for the respect of life as a gift from God. Evil takes pleasure from the pain of others and it seeks to absorb all that is before it.

For many of ISIS there can be no support of Evil. An important distinction if Government is to develop a post-terrorism World. Government cannot and must not support any act of Evil. The very act of Evil to pursue its own satisfaction with a total disregard of the right to Humanity is becoming too entrenched in our World. Governments have failed to stop its growth and by doing so have created their own radicalism – hence the increase in Lone Wolf attacks.

The Security Services current nightmare – the Lone Wolf. No previous, no file, no record and then bang – people dead. The Lone Wolf has no outlet for his anger and frustration with a World polarised by the wealth of the West and the Poverty of those who are corrupted into starvation so he or she will use ISIS as their surrogate assassin. We must offer them an alternative if we are to prevent terrorism being the only means of their anger and frustration to be satisfied.

The leaders of all the faiths have failed to develop the Word of God into an understanding of how we should live our lives.

Prayers alone will not bring Peace to the World. We must not kill but we have an obligation to defend those who cannot defend themselves with a legal, unified humane force. The leaders of the Faiths cannot choose between a Government that slaughters the innocent and God. God demands your allegiance to his Philosophy and direction for mankind. You cannot greet with friendship a General or Politician who is knowingly bombing and maiming  children and then seek to represent God. It is one or the other. Those who say they represent God in our World must speak for God or not at all.

In the absence of a World united to defeat poverty and combined in effort to bring Peace ISIS have developed not a Philosophy but an ideology. Western Islam cannot be used to counter its misuse of the World of God for it is that same Islam that ISIS seeks to destroy.

Why the UK Government has so publically ignored my work is a question which can only add to the weight of ISIS words for those that read them.

ISIS may be defeated militarily but no surrender document was signed nor will it  be. For ISIS there is no such state as ‘defeated’. A military loss of ground and the deaths of their martyrs is merely a further example of their willingness to die for God and by doing so create the sainthood of martyrdom.

We will never defeat ISIS whilst the World so easily accepts Evil. ISIS are the function and product of a World which has no solution to that which causes men and women to want to lay down their lives for a World that offers a strict obligation to the Word of God as translated and added to by ISIS.

What are we in the West offering those who want to follow the way of God with a particular exactitude? America has its Mormons. What has Western Islam?  Crime, Corruption, Drugs, Pornography, Phedophila and Internet Pornography showing children being abused and every antiChrist that is available. We allow groups who peddle their Evil to become part of our way of life and for ISIS this is proof of our alliance with Satan himself.

We must lead by example and stop supporting corruption and Evil. A continuing failure to do so will only lead to more support for ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab.

I want those of you who read the words of ISIS to also read mine. I want you to answer these Questions. Why does God want you to kill children? Are ISIS God? What right have ISIS to say that the pathway to Heaven is as easy as the killing of children? Surely God’s decides who goes to Heaven not ISIS?

We must be able to provide an alternative both with the ‘World of God’ through the development of the ‘Word of God’ and as a humane, legal and just answer to conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

ISIS cannot lay sole claim to speak for God. For nobody can speak on God’s behalf. ISIS do not have anywhere the consent of God. Where does it say in the Word of God as transcribed on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad that ISIS are acting on God’s behalf?

God has given us the gift of life. He has also blessed his gift with the eyes of innocence. Children are not the tools for ISIS to use as a punishment for the acts of the Crusaders. Children live the life they are given. Therefore, to kill a child who is innocent and unable to make the choice that ISIS wants the Child to make is an act against God and it is Hell that awaits you not the blessed gift of Heaven.

ISIS are wrong and have falsified the meaning of God’s words. By doing so ISIS have acted against the will of God. God gave us the ’emotion and steel of bravery’ to defend the innocent not murder children.

It is simple and it is God’s will. Kill a child and you take from God that which he has given as a  Gift – the gift of life.

When thee the followers of ISIS seek to avenge the deaths of those who have fought as ISIS by seeking martyrs to kill children what exactly are you saying to God?

Are you who seek the martyrdom saying to God here is a child who was the light of your gift to the World with no malice in his or her heart, now bloodied, screaming in pain, arms torn off, legs twisted with bones charred, eyes blinded moments left to live, a future in God’s World taken because ISIS said so. For God did not.

When a child who has committed no crime that ISIS can herald before a Court of Law be it an ISIS Court or any other Tribunal is lying dead from a deliberate act of terrorism the blood still leaking from his shattered and torn blistered  body his or her parents yet to be overcome with the sheer helplessness of their loss what does ISIS then say to God?

Do ISIS ask God to laugh with joy? I am unable to seek that which ISIS expects of God – the gift of love for one of hate. It is so easy for ISIS to demand of you that a life be taken to avenge those who have died for the martyrdom of God all they have to do is take God’s words and remove that which give life and love.

To take that innocent child’s life is to steal from God. Worse and even more expectant of God’s anger is to act as if you are God. To steal and expect God’s bounty of Heaven is to mock God,

If ISIS are correct and speak for God then your act of martydom will be rewarded with all the bounties that God will seek fit to bestow upon you.

But What if ISIS are wrong? Can you be sure ISIS are right? 

You know what Heaven is like for you are about die in martyrdom for all those who have died before you. Do you know what is Hell like? What if God is full of the Wrath of God for killing children – his children. What if he throws you into eternal damnation? What if you scream for every second that your skin blisters with the increasing heat of Hell’s Inferno?

Ayman Al Zawahiri the leader of Al Qaeda has said in a Public Speech that whenever possible the deliberate killing of women and children must be avoided. Why has he said this? Is the Quran he reads not the same as the one that ISIS seek to change. Ayman Al Zawahiri knows that deliberately killing children is an offence to God – perhaps it is time he made it so by Public Announcement.

Ayman Al Zawahiri did say this “And let us keep in mind that our fundamental battle is with ourselves: with our fear, with our hesitation, with our backtracking, weakness and inability and with our craving for this lowly life in which we die every day instead of the honorable life in which we die with dignity one time”

I could have written that. Any of us could. Our lifes must have dignity and respect. Respect of innocence. The respect of the gift of life given to us by God.

Where I ask of Ayman Al Zawahiri is the honour in the deliberate death of a child? A question that will add pain to the memory of the loss of his own family. But is it right to add that pain to others. I once wrote Poetry that understood his loss but sought to ask the same question.

I also asked the same of Mullah Omar. I asked of him by Poetry and song the compare of the sorrow of family of a Marine lost in battle to one of his own. My attempt to move Afghanistan out of its terrible war and to end the bloody loss of our own troops. I doubt if he ever read my words as so much has been done to stop people reading them. I have written much of Afghanistan and hope one day to be able to take part in a process of Peace for a people who have had to endure the violence of war since 1979.

I say that also to those who commit to ISIS and it is a question that God too will ask of you.  What sin have the children you have torn apart by your terrorism committed? How do you expect God to punish them? You will never hear your answer all you will hear is your screams  as you feel the blistering all-engulfing heat of the furnace of Hell as its inferno of  flame welcomes you for an eternity. ISIS will say I am wrong. But what if I am not?

Let me describe Hell for You. I once had a dream. The dream was of one man’s Hell. It was brutal, unforgiving, relentless, unmerciful and endless – it was full on Hell.

This is one Hell for one Man. On the ground pegged out was a young man. Not slim but fat. Not European but with an Asian look. Not black but white. Not grey hair but black. Not a modern cut but an Asian Cut. He was screaming in Pain. Not for a minute, not for a day, nor a year but for an eternity. His glasses were shattered. Onto his body stood large angry wild and vengeful Eagles. Their beaks were sharp, thrusting and bloodied as they tore into his eyes. With blood pouring from his the black and bloody holes of his eyes his contorted face was one of sheer absolute pain and fear. His only two emotions Pain and Fear. The Pain endless the Fear that his Hell would never end.

I do not know who that screaming person was or is. Perhaps he had tried to blind somebody or had blinded somebody.

But I know that should you anger God by destroying that which he doth cherish – the gift of innocence or the ability to protect innocence then your eternity is one of pain.  Remember your worst pain? Multiply it a thousandfold. Dare you risk that eternal pain by killing a child by an act that not you have sought but ISIS have demanded of you?

The Words of God are given to all his people of the World in order to provide guidance and a path to a life of blessed Peace and respect for each other. Yet his words have become for many a strictness and obligation. For what reason has God  blessed us with imagination, reason and free thought? Why give his people the ability to develop a dream into a hope and then a reality if all is required is to take each line of the Quran and Bible and apply them in exactitude to each and every moment of our lives?

Do ISIS dream? Do they imagine? Do they do that which with strict order they demand others do not?

How can ISIS create that which God has made possible for us without the choice that ISIS gave to themselves in order to pursue their demand for an Islamic State?

I remind you this is not a discussion of the Islamic State. This is a very particular discussion  of why it is that you must understand how important a child’s life is to God.

Every member of ISIS including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a choice. The choice they made was to form an Islamic State. A choice not a demand given to them by God. Where is that same choice for the children that ISIS demand you remove from the possibility of entering Heaven by committing an act of terror? Why is it that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi can choose but the children of God are by his decree unable to do so. What is it that gives Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the right to speak on behalf of God?

Why is it that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was given the ability to use the imagination that God has given each of us to decide that he would stand for election In June 2014, so that he would be able to  represent the ahl al-hall wal-aqd of the Islamic State, to be their caliph, yet he denies that right of choice to all others?

God has given us all the right of choice. You cannot agree with the words of God as written and then as if you had decided to be God forge them as if they were yours to own and change.

You cannot lie down before all that ISIS doth say and accept every word as the only word. Are ISIS then to be the only voice of God amongst the 7 billion of God’s People in the World.

If you believe in Heaven. Then you must believe in Hell.

I am unable to write as ISIS have of God. Why? Because I see God as a guide and a light into the darkness. I do not see God as a timetable which at the stated hour provides me with the reason for my life; an act of murder and theft from God.

What does God say to the young child who appears before him? The child was once enjoying the gift of God – life. He was alight with God’s Blessing – innocence. Before God he now stands. Bewildered. Confused. For he has not one thought in his mind that lay next to Evil. Where will God allow him to be? Heaven or Hell?

ISIS state that he must go to Hell. Will God send his innocence to Hell. For man is created in the image of God. Therefore, Our innocence is God’s innocence. You can can destroy innocence but you can never steal it.

Are you prepared to suffer the consequence of stealing a child’s life from God by killing for ISIS?

It is not ISIS alone who must answer the same.

Are you prepared to suffer the consequence of stealing a child’s life from God by indiscriminate bombing, by the support of corrupt Governments, by allowing economic mismanagement, by supplying weapons of war for the killing of children? Our Governments must act as they seek their People to do. The Laws of Humanity must be obeyed. The food of terrorism is hypocrisy and corruption.

ISIS want you to walk out into sunshine of a child’s life. ISIS want you to that light given by God to shine bright onto whoever meets with that child and extinguish it. They want you to turn that youth of possibility, that symbol of all that God has given us, that right to a dream and the breadth of imagination into a charred lifeless mess so you can go to Heaven.

We must at this point reflect on what has been said.

What is it we know?

We know Evil and Good Exists. ISIS cannot disagree with that.

Evil is the anti of God and Good is given to us by God with life. ISIS cannot disagree with that.

I want an end to Evil. ISIS cannot disagree that.

But what is Evil and what is necessary to end Evil?

To be Cont/…