Is there a place in the World for Australia?

I have recently returned to Australia from the United Kingdom where for the past 5 years I have been looking after my mum who is now being very well cared for in a care home. The Prime Minister of Malta and his wife sent Mum their best birthday wishes this year which made Mum’s Day. Mum was bombed by the Nazis in WW2 and the trauma has never left her but she has always fought it. Prime Minister Theresa May never even bothered to reply to my letter of concern to her when Mum was badly treated in a previous Care Home so it was no surprising May never sent Mum a ‘Happy Birthday’ letter.

Returning to Australia after a five year absence has reminded me of how special Australia is and how important it should be that I and my fellow Australians understand that our uniqueness culturally, economically and environmentally must be protected.

We are unique in the World. Our population of 25 million on a land mass nearly as large as North America has the opportunity to lead the World not only in renewable energy technology but in Conservation Technology and in new cutting edge manufacturing technologies. We should be the most technologically advanced Nation in the World in those key sectors but we are not. In fact we are fast becoming a technology backwater.

Our resources sector has produced an ineffective, inefficient and unproductive Government Sector that has not had the intellectual ability to provide a long-term Vision for Australia and the Strategies that are required for a dynamic progressive Economy.

Australia has become a slowly advancing tide  of economic decline and falling standards of living, supported only by increased credit at both State and National Level and by Immigration Economic Stimulation.

To put it bluntly our Politicians pre-occupy themselves with bureaucracy rather than Government. The luxury of having an Economy dominated by predominately the Resource Sector has produced Government at both Federal and State level which does not  lead in any economic fields. Rather our Government(s) seeks instead to regulate that which it cannot manage. The cost of that form of Government is one of the most costly $ to Citizen Government bureaucratic burdens in the developed World. Australian Government(s) increase that burden by purchasing debt with imports of capital production which should have been made in Australia. 

Australian are living on the fumes of a rapidly emptying gas tank and a World which advances around it whilst Australia becomes a technology backwater.

Sydney is a disaster area. An economic war-zone which sucks in new immigrants and their money whilst spitting out Australians into suburbs with little in the way of Social facilities and Public Transport for those who make the daily traffic nightmare into Sydney for work. Pollution is ignored as expensive Motorway Tolls cause huge traffic buildups as motorists bypass the Motorways to avoid the Tolls.

A complete Hospitality and Entertainment industry has been decimated by the ridiculous  and child-like ‘Lock Out’ Laws removing jobs, new investment and tourism. No other modern developed City in the World has such draconian licensing laws. Shops, Cafes, Bars and Clubs sit empty in the many streets in and around Sydney City. There are many solutions to alcohol fuelled violence this was the most over-reacting and irresponsible of them.

Unbelievably a Spanish Company was used to headup the new Sydney Light Rail.  Then even more unbelievable they began constructing it all over the City instead of sections  of useable rail and then even more unbelievable  they built it on old narrow roads with years of old pipes and cables instead of the newer wider roads and then to compound the unbelievable with even more unbelievable it does not go to Bondi Beach.

I have used Sydney as an example of mediocre Politicians who produce  mediocre solutions but in that respect it would appear to be an Australia-wide phenomenon.

Whilst Australia supplied a never-ending demand for its resources then mediocre Politicians did not matter.   They could spend $50 million on Captain Cook’s memorial – just in case we forgot who he was. Or $41 million on Space Exploration but not on desalination technology or solar farm investment.

Australians have to demand of their Politicians that which they provide to them; productive effort which produces a positive collective result.

There are decisions Australians need to make and it should be all the people of Australia that makes those decisions not the media and certainly not a political system which has become a dinosaur in modern politics and an adversary to the future of Australia.

I have never met Malcolm Turnbull or Bill Shorten but I believe their outdated style of politics is a threat to the economic future of Australia. The people of Australia cannot continue to let political selfishness be the criteria for their economic future. Both Turnbull  and Shorten would appear to suffer from myopia in that they are unable to provide a vision for the future of Australia that does not involve themselves.

That is no longer good enough. The world is changing and at a rate that is accelerating past Australia. We cannot continue to let Politicians play political games with our lives. It is we the people who bear the misery of their selfishness.

Australians who want to know what their future is should look no further than to the U.K. The ‘mother country’ has been swept aside by technology change, the emergence of developing economies and a selfishness in its politics that has divided the country by ensuring it has become an economic see-saw. Labour spends and the Conservatives cut. They will not work together and by ensuring that their Political Parties are more important then the country they govern a ‘doormat’ economy has been created where whoever has the money can buy the U.K.

Australia is unique. Of that there is no doubt. It is a country of extremes and a Nation of contrasts. But it is that uniqueness that holds the key to the future and one which the short-sightedness’ of the Political Parties is ignoring.

Australia needs a future which should be described in our Prime Minister’s Vision for Australia. But where is it? Turnbull is asleep at the wheel and Shorten has yet to learn to drive.

The People of Australia must demand more of their Governments. It is not just Americans who can be great.

The only constant is change. Of that statement much can be said about the destructive force of Australian Politics. The Australian economy is non-existent. There is not an economic system. Take away the resource sector of Australia and what is left?

Australia cannot continue to live the good life on coal exports, ore shipments and gold production.

Why not? Coal demand will decline as the Paris 21 Agreement begins to shape the Energy requirements of the future. China is fast expanding into Africa and has employed the Taliban to provide  security for its resource projects in Afghanistan. We are not the only country who has ore and we must prepare for the long-term which will undoubtedly lead to a declining Australia resource sector.

Over the last 20 years Australia has given away its economy. Car manufacturing has been replaced by a flight of Australian dollars to Japan, the U.K, India, America and Europe. So too have other industries been replaced by imports.

What have we replaced each fleeing dollar with? The Banking sector has turned its back on the Agriculture Sector which should be the ‘Food Bowl’ of Asia and a dynamo of innovation. Instead it is seen as the poor cousin to the Finance Sector which the Banks have courted for instant profit but not long-term gain. As we become somebody else’s economy then our Banks are no longer needed because they use their money to invest and return the profits overseas.

The NSW Government buys trains from South Korea, a tramline from Spain and through AREANA a Federal Solar Power Funding Scheme providing power from solar panels made anywhere but Australia. No doubt the other states too fund everybody’s economy but Australia’s.

Australia needs a Vision for its future. This is mine……

The only way by which we as a Nation can sustain our high standard of living is by increasing Agriculture exporting, becoming a high-tech clean energy producer and exporter, and by using innovative manufacturing techniques to build and export ‘niche cars’ and trains. We also need a new City of a minimum of one million people- one which will draw visitors from all over the World – the Worlds first ‘Green Only City – zero emissions totally Climate Change neutral.

Australia has the potential to become a World Leader in Renewable Energy and developing a coal fuel that is carbon and climate change neutral. We live in the World’s largest laboratory for renewable energy and we have a land mass that will grow anything provided we can get the water to it – and we are surrounded by water. Australia can become the World’s Leader in desalination technology. Australia should also build the largest Solar Power Plant in the World. Everybody wants clean finished energy and we have all that is necessary to provide it.

Except we have a problem – Politics. We can begin by changing our 3 year electoral terms to 5 years. The 3 year terms are a major contributor to living amidst a constant election.

Whilst Turnbull wanders around Australia worrying about how to get elected again Singapore and Hong Kong money is building a Solar Power Plant in Western Australia to supply energy to Indonesia. Where are the solar panels to be made? Indonesia. How many people are employed in Australia manufacturing solar panels – 45. Speaks for itself doesn’t it.

One of Australia’s charms is its ‘laid back attitude’ but that charm can if exploited by those who seek to govern with a laziness not duplicated anywhere else in the developed world use it to offer up mediocre politics.

There is nobody saying ‘We will be the best in the World….’. The people have abdicated their future to a sovereign government who are putting it bluntly living in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ that exceeds that of any other Western Government.

Australia is running out of both economic empowerment and time if it is to avoid becoming an Economy government by supply and not demand. To be an economy that is reliant on investment that pursues low labour cost and imports that are of no benefit to capital formation and multiplication will only ensure that Australia is governed by others and not itself.

At the time of writing this paragraph (14618) the National Debt if Australia is $30,790 AUD per person. The total National Debt is $767,419,205,000 – increasing at a rate of over $1000 a second. Turnbull who seems to have any vision for Australia outside of the next election does not seem to understand that we are not the only country who is able to produce ore but we are one of the few countries who have a land mass that can produce far more food than we need and more energy than we can consume.

Australians have a high standard of living but appear to be unable to comprehend that it is not their many service industries who have maintained their incredibly high levels of bureaucracy it is Western Australia and its ore. Take that away and Australia becomes a third World Country.

Over the last 2-3 weeks I have watched in admiration new Tesla’s entering our Country. My job involves ensuring they are charged. However, incredibly they have caused hardly a stir. Yet the opportunity they and other manufactures electric vehicles present to Australia is potentially the key to a new prosperous Australian Economy which could become the envy of the World. Alas it will not be so. Why?……  to be cont/….