Summaries of Writing of Desmond Last.


My name is Desmond Last I am a Writer, Poet, Singer/Songwriter and Fashion Designer. I write and develop new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. The Media will not report the illegal circumstances I have been subjected to by the Australian and U.K Governments, the ANZ Bank and criminal persons as yet unknown to me. The U.K Government will not respond to any new idea or system I attempt to engage them with including Counter Terrorism. I continue to protest the abuse of Power and illegal circumstances I have been subjected and continue to write for a better World.

Subjects. (Under Construction)

Climate Change – Awareness, Adaptation and System Management. To read about my views on Climate Change go to

Desmond Last Q&A Climate Change

My Q&A on the Environment

U.N Reform. To read about my views on the United Nations go to

Desmond Last Q&A United Nations

Countering Terrorism and ISIS with the a New Epiphany and understanding of the Word of God.

My Q&A on ISIS and Counter Terrorism

Climate Disaster Forecasting, Preparation And Response.

My Q&A on Disaster Response

My Q&A (2) on Disasters

My Q&A on Emergency Preparation

Ending Third World Dependence on $Foreign Aid.

‘Evolving Economics’ to deal with an Evolving World.

A ‘Bill of Rights’ for Creatures Gr8 and Small.

Summary of Major Subject and Systems written by me – Desmond Last  

 Subject  Scope  Country
United Nations Reform UN2  To include New Peace Process and Conflict Resolution  All World Nations