What could we achieve with world peace?

We could achieve every dream that is able to give hope to the aspirations of a humanity that now lies dormant within mankind.

For we are no longer the gale of revolution that came forth from the creation of God’s own dream of the endless possibility of a universe of achievement.

Now we are the voyeur’s stilled by our own apathy as each day we sink further into the quicksand of our own selfish desires and our bottomless pit of greed.

World Peace will have to be fought for. Until evil is defeated and Justice for every man women and child is our pinnacle of aspiration there will be no peace.


By continually pursuing Tommy Robinson the UK Government is giving more reason for right-wing extremism to grow and become potentially a terror threat.

By continually pursuing Tommy Robinson the UK Government is giving more reason for right-wing extremism to grow and become potentially a terror threat. The divisions caused by Brexit and the vigorous and seemingly unfair pursuit of Tommy Robinson and Britain First will be seen by a potentially extreme minority as a Government and its Establishment trying to suppress ‘a voice or voices of the People. Any penalties applied to transgressions of law by the growing right wing in the UK should not be seen as an attempt to silence them – which is how most people will view them. Terrorism does not need more UK homegrown reasons to become a real threat – but the UK Government is making it so. Right wing extremism is likely to be more ‘lone wolf’ than Islamic extremism and is difficult to identify. The Security services in the UK do not have the resources to cope with even more UK originated terrorism. Tommy Robinson and Brian Gould have a growing support base and it is time the UK establishment recognised the need to address why that support is growing. The Government of the United Kingdom is the Government of all the People not some of the People. The UK is a very divided Nation and will become more so Post Brexit. Society has to be inclusive not exclusive. Whether you support Tommy Robinson and Britain First or not, views have to be able to be discussed and exchanged – if that intercourse is not allowed then extremism will be the result. Tommy Robinson and Brian First do not condone Violence but without doubt there will be somebody somewhere in the UK who will be triggered into an act of terrorism by the way the State has ‘picked on them’. , Their Views on Islam are in my view an unnecessary and unwarranted diversion from the problems of how to cope with a Population size which has outgrown the social and physical resources to cope with the increasing population size. However their views are a direct result of the UK Government’s failure to understand the effects of a increasingly diverse population on the social cohesion of the United Kingdom.

The Question Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will not answer. Why not?

The Question is; Have the Australia and United Kingdom Governments positively vetted all UK/Australian Social and Medical Research Groups to ensure they are not abusing and exploiting children?

Why am I asking this Question? It is unbelievable that this subject is never discussed or warned about. There are many examples of groups who believed they could act outside of the Law.

How is Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement being seen internationally?


For me it is a statement that the Country of my Birth and in particular the Country I choose to live in need to make and practise.

Both the UK and Australia have become ‘serf’ economies. That is economies to which they are shackled not to their own destiny but to the destiny of others.

Say it how you want but nobody in China or America wakes up each morning and says how can I do better for the UK or Australia. Australia in particular has weakened its National Security by selling off key assets and allowing the ownership of strategic areas and utilities to be owned by other countries. Australia has suffered the mediocre policies of weak Government for the past 10 years and in doing so has become a dump truck for everybody else’s economies of scale.

Australia even gave away a whole car industry – unbelievable but true.

It it moves or makes a noise in Australia it will have been made in another country.

The Australian resources sector carry the Country. This has produced lazy politicians who spend unbelievable amounts of time on producing more and more taxation policies – the Political Parties are obsessed with taxation in Australia – it is almost to the point of insanity.

The U.K has to some extent been the same – Brexit should change that.

President Trump is a leader who wants the best for his Nation. We unfortunately have done the best for every other Nation but ourselves.

What is the major impact of G20 on global economies?


The impact of the G20 on Global economics is that it is a diminishing effect. The G20 is becoming irrelevant to the dynamics of global economics. Why? Because we are in the very early stages of the ‘economics of absolute necessity’. Climate Change will decide the dynamics of a Nation’s economic system and Climate Change will provide the pivot around which the World economic systems will rotate. ‘Absolute necessity’ is an economic system that seeks to maintain an equilibrium between supply and demand and mostly around its domestic economy. Climate Change will mean that supply routes in and out of a Country will be erratic and in some cases may be ‘climated out of existence’.

Let’s take China as an example. Food water and shelter – the order depending on which Climate disaster you are within, part of, fleeing from or recovering from. China’s economy will be swept away in a tidal wave of continual disasters. Just as it recovers from one another will begin until they are in tandem and then until the Climate is a constant ‘Climate Change’.

Our Governments can spout whatever ‘vote for me’ rubbish that they want but on the day the flood, tsunami, bushfire, drought, earthquake sends millions of their citizens fleeing the disaster they will no longer be relevant. Communities will have to take care of themselves.

Centralised Governments are not suitable for dealing with Climate Change. Beijing will not be able to order troops to quash the civil unrest that will accompany Climate Change if the troops can not get to the unrest.

Why China is bothering to build up its reefs in the South China sea is beyond sensibility. Rising sea levels will swamp the reefs and make them unusable.

Sooner or later the big light-bulb will go off in the minds of our intellectually challenged Governments and out of sheer fear and self-preservation they will take the necessary steps to address the accelerating rate of change of our Climate – but by then it will be too late.

I have continually written that the World Governments need to urgently map out Climate Change refugee routes in order to prepare for the millions that will be displaced by the disasters to come – I and others like me are ignored.

However, sooner or later Governments will have to prepare themselves for mass movements of people. Some Governments will use force to prevent entry into their countries but they will be overwhelmed by the sheer mass of Climate Change refugees.

The G20 will not matter when Nation’s will be struggling to cope with Climate Change. The new Bretton Woods Standards will be all that matters – water not Gold.

How and when will peace on earth come?

We the People will be alone when Climate Change reaches its zenith of extreme acts of a system that extrapolates to a constant of deadly change.

After we have fought for it. There is much Evil in the World both conscious and unconscious Evil. Much of it accompanied by voyeuristic apathy and fear.

Many people are too afraid to stand up for their rights and those that do are persecuted by Governments and Corporate. ‘Government’ unwillingness to listen and act for the people is creating extremes in opposition. Civil confirmation is looming ever near.

Peace will not come from ‘Government’. They are now too deeply immersed in their own quicksand of lies, deceit and self-preservation.

‘Central Government’ is a dying era. It is past its use-by date. It no longer has any relevance to the uncertain future the World faces.

Peace will come from the People.

We the People will be alone when Climate Change reaches its zenith of extreme acts of a system that extrapolates to a constant of deadly change.

We will have to fend for ourselves. Afterwards will be a new People. Cooperative and ready to defend their communities. Government will be gone. With that time will come the final battle of Good against Evil. Choose your side and prepare yourself. Good luck.

Pavement Marine The Rock Opera

You honour my death but not my life.

Now finally America I have your respect.

God Bless America.

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