After almost two decades of war, is Afghanistan better or worse?

With over one million Afghanistan men women and children killed by the conflict which began in 1979 and has never ended it is the unmistakable conclusion that we owe the people of Afghanistan a Peace.

What are you going to do differently in 2018?

They threw me handcuffed into the back of a Police Van which was very uncomfortable as it was not a smooth ride. I was rolling around handcuffed in the back of the Police van. I had to jam my feet up against the side of the van cell in order to stop myself being injured by the rough ride.

In politics of Australia, why do people tend to bring up homeless people in response to asylum seekers?

Answered on Quora For those outside of Australia it would appear to be almost deliberate that there are any homeless people and to some extent that is almost true. Successive Governments have failed to produce policies which last longer than their term of Government and State Politics work against each other. Australia’s refugee policy has […]

If you had a user’s manual, what would it say?

My answer to this Question on Quora is…… It would contain a Health Warning for Governments and Media. Particularly the U.K and Australian Governments and Media. The Health Warning would state: “Any attempt to incriminate Desmond Last by false testament, silence by legal and illegal means, censor by all efforts legal and otherwise and by doing so […]