New Security Measures U.S.A Military Federal & State for the U.S Drug Crisis.


This part of the Strategy does not enter into any great detail – for obvious reasons.

Numerous attempts have been made to prevent my Strategy being written and read by President Trump and the People of America. Which is good. Because that means at least to those who profit from the misery of any Drug Addiction this Strategy is a Threat – it also of course means that they are traceable.

This part of my Strategy is all about the ‘focus of priorities’. The advantage of applying President Trump’s Executive Order to Deal with the  Drug Crisis to this Strategy is that it will not be ‘lost’.

By lost I mean that the application of the system of Pilot Schemes will allow resources to be carefully managed and be made 100 percent transparent and accountable.  Controls will be focused to ensure co-operation between all the Agencies and that they all  act together – there is one common Goal. There will only be one command.

For each day of the Pilot Scheme there will be only one order of Implementation and Law Enforcement within the Pilot and to those involved in the activities outside the Pilots. A new system and platform for resource allocation will need to be devised.

A new communication platform for multi-agency use will be have to be developed. Third Party Government and the development of new technologies have allowed existing systems to become compromised to the extent that U.S National Security has become vulnerable to their application.

The vulnerability and risk that has evolved to U.S National Security because of the development of new technologies and Third Party Government will also require a new system of Federal and State verification for all those involved in the application of the Strategy.

Note: Third Party Government is deemed to be the responsibility for the research, development,  implementation and budgetary allocation of Government Policy being given to either Private or Quasi Private Agencies within or outside of Government. This also applies to Defense Technology Development – hence the need for a new system of communication and personal verification.

There will only be one CEO and he or she will not be from the Military or the Agencies. In order to safeguard civil rights it will be member of the Justice System. The Communities who wish to be involved will have a say in the person chosen to be CEO. The only way this Strategy will work is with the trust and cooperation of the People.

It is impossible to deal with Opioid Addiction without dealing with Illegal Drugs. In order to ensure that illegal drugs are not made available in the  Pilot Communities  there will have to be a new System of Drug Enforcement. But it will not be able to operate without the cooperation  of the people. This is not about lockdown. This is about the many dedicated professionals who work in Drug Enforcement  being given the resources  and cooperation they need to do their jobs. It is also not about arresting an unemployed person for a possession of illegal drugs. This is about  the control of demand and supply.

The Military will have  a new role and be given the appropriate civil Powers in order to carry out that role. The Military will be responsible for  blocking and permanently halting the ‘Supply Line’ of Illegal Drugs into the Pilot Communities from their many and varied entry and exit points in the U.S  without any disruption to day to day lives. This will allow the Enforcement Agencies to focus on bringing those who profit from Illegal Drugs to Justice – no matter where they are.

To be Cont/………………..