Songs for Change Desmond Last

These are the lyrics to a song that is intended to highlight a war that has continued for too long. Peace is not an option it is a necessity for everyone involved.


Dying in Afghanistan. All Copyright(s) by Desmond Last. 14.7.18

He lay there in the dust and sand

He bloodied red with his once life

An American Marine so far from his home

But with his Nation at his side

Afghanistan now his lasting memorial

And that of so many others too

His comrades they stood in silent salute

Their tears cried out …Why?

Why are we still dying in Afghanistan

This bloody war of Thirty years and more

How many more Marines to die in Afghanistan

Before there is a Peace?

Alongside the Marine there lay a child

She bloodied and torn apart

An Afghanistan young girl

She too a wasted trophy of war

In the hills a Taliban stood alone

His tears a flood of pain

For that young girl his daughter was

And the deadly mine he had laid.