Who’s got the worst life?

My answer to Who's got the worst life?

Answer by Desmond Last:

At the moment I would have to say it must be President Trump.

He would have said’ I want to run for President. Give up my easy life-style and be abused by everybody and anybody.”

‘I also want every strand of my hair analysed every-time the wind blows in case I am using it to send coded signals to Putin.

‘On top of that I want to make America safe so my citizens do not get blown up but in doing so I want to become the most hated man in the World’.

‘Then I want to make myself a target for any person who has a sniper’s certificate and wants to get lucky’.

‘Finally I want every inch of my life crawled through in case I was an axe-murderer whislt I was sleep-walking’

Let’s give the man a break. He has not invaded Iraq. He has not began wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria or Yemen.

He was voted in to do a job. As a supporter and a critic I say so far he is doing ok.

Who's got the worst life?

Author: Desmond Last

My work includes an outline of my New Perspective on Counter Terrorism. I have also written about and warned Governments on the developing threat from the use of Bio-Technologies (Brain2Computer) and Energy Weapons being used by Criminal and Terrorist Organisations. I have developed a reform of the United Nations and written a New System for Climate Change Policy and Disaster Management. My New System of Economics does not support Aid to end Third World Poverty instead it utilizes economic empowerment of Communities to do so. I seek freedom through a Bill of Rights for Creatures Gr8 & Small. Prime Minister Theresa May, the CIA and MI5/6 have never acknowledged my writing neither have the BBC, CCN and any Australian Media.

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