What size crew do I need for a 60 foot sail boat?

My answer to What size crew do I need for a 60 foot sail boat?

Answer by Desmond Last:

You could comfortably sail with four. The size of the crew is mostly determined by the amount of bunks.

A 60 footer will usually have 3–4 cabins. Normally two forward and one aft.

A crew of four will allow you to have two watches one sleeping the other at the wheel.

Being a 60 footer you will have a decent size-engine to keep you out of trouble.

With an autopilot, radar and GPS two people can manage at night.

When the weather turns rough you will have one on the helm and the other three for sail change and stowing.

I sailed a 60 footer down the coast of Australia in bad weather with a crew of four and we managed fine.

What size crew do I need for a 60 foot sail boat?

Author: Desmond Last

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