If a Bushfire is about to sweep over your Bush property in 1 hour what should you do?

My answer to If a Bushfire is about to sweep over your Bush property in 1 hour what should you do?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I was caught in such a situation at my home at East Hills in Sydney. I did not realise or know how fast a bush fire is able to travel. I also did not know that a bush fire can increase the temperature of the air so much that it is able to leap across a river.

The sky was blue. I was in my back garden watching the approaching bush-fire engulf the trees across the river. Suddenly the sky turned black. The fire leapt across the river and the trees and bush on my side burst into flames.

I stood there with my one-inch hosepipe hosing down the roof and surrounding area.

Luckily the fire did not come any closer.

What can you do with one hours notice? Evacuate. Pack as much as you can and leave.

Make sure your doors and window's are all locked and leave. A bush-fire is able to travel at up to 20 kph so that does not give you a lot of time from when you first sight it.

However if you do not believe in climate change then it is all in your imagination and you can stay at home.

If a Bushfire is about to sweep over your Bush property in 1 hour what should you do?

Author: Desmond Last

My work includes an outline of my New Perspective on Counter Terrorism. I have also written about and warned Governments on the developing threat from the use of Bio-Technologies (Brain2Computer) and Energy Weapons being used by Criminal and Terrorist Organisations. I have developed a reform of the United Nations and written a New System for Climate Change Policy and Disaster Management. My New System of Economics does not support Aid to end Third World Poverty instead it utilizes economic empowerment of Communities to do so. I seek freedom through a Bill of Rights for Creatures Gr8 & Small. Prime Minister Theresa May, the CIA and MI5/6 have never acknowledged my writing neither have the BBC, CCN and any Australian Media.

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