Do any bosses or CEO’s drive a motorcycle to work?

My answer to Do any bosses or CEO's drive a motorcycle to work?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I was a Boss and CEO and I rode my motorcycle to work. My first ride as a boss was at the age of 22~ when I was a partner in a car repair and petrol sales garage. I owned a Triumph 500 Daytona with which I became expert in grounding the foot-pegs going round corners. I also owned a Triumph ISDT 500 which I rode in the ditches on the way to work.

The next time I was a boss was when I was 34 and I bought a Ducati 860GTS and rode to work as the boss of Matilda’s in Sydney.i rebuilt my Ducati into cafe racer. It does not have an electric starter so kick-starting can be challenging!

I still own it. It is in storage in Australia. I am now 61. It is loud, turns heads and looks gr8.

I went to the Sydney Bandidos, Rebels and Comanchero Club Meetings. It was not me that got me in it was my Ducati.

As the owner of Sydney Boat Sales I owned my Ducati 860 GTS and a Ducati Monster 600 which is the best handling bike I have ever ridden.

I could take corners at sufficient speed to frighten myself. Which is a good way to relieve the stress of work but not recommended for safe riding.

I rode my Harley Iron 883 across America and up to Canada then down to Denver but I was not a boss then. When I rode into Galveston U.S two Bandidos rode in with me.

Motorcycles are a way of life and an exhilaration to enjoy. But you need to more ‘road aware’ than car drivers.

Do any bosses or CEO's drive a motorcycle to work?

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My work includes an outline of my New Perspective on Counter Terrorism. I have also written about and warned Governments on the developing threat from the use of Bio-Technologies (Brain2Computer) and Energy Weapons being used by Criminal and Terrorist Organisations. I have developed a reform of the United Nations and written a New System for Climate Change Policy and Disaster Management. My New System of Economics does not support Aid to end Third World Poverty instead it utilizes economic empowerment of Communities to do so. I seek freedom through a Bill of Rights for Creatures Gr8 & Small. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the CIA and MI5/6 have never acknowledged my writing neither have the BBC, CCN and any Australian Media.

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