Can a small passenger boat or taxi boat travel a distance of 63 nautical miles?

My answer to Can a small passenger boat or taxi boat travel a distance of 63 nautical miles?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The length of the Taxi Boat will determine its maximum operating distance. I owned and operated Sydney Boat Sales for 12 years until a nasty sick group of U.K based Criminals undermined my business. I used to sell new and used yachts and powerboats and used taxi boats.

Sydney Harbor is operated by several Taxi boat companies. With varying capacities.

The boat in the photo is very similar to one of the water taxis I sold for Sydney Water Taxis Combined.

It is approximately 28′~ with a single diesel engine. The latest Caterpillar 6 cylinder diesel has an average fuel consumption of 32 liters per hour and on a 28 foot commercial vessel you can expect a fuel capacity of 700–1000 liters.

It is always difficult to give average fuel consumption figures for a marine vessel as hull design, load capacity and water topography vary so much.

At an average speed of 20 knots with a passenger load of 28 people and an rpm of approximately 2000 rpm the distance of 63 nautical miles is within the operating limits of the type of water taxi design displayed in the photo. Which is a tri-hull aluminum water taxi fitted with a single 6 cylinder diesel engine with a passenger capacity of 28. I would recommend this type of configuration as it enable the operator to cater for weddings, stag night and even funerals.

Can a small passenger boat or taxi boat travel a distance of 63 nautical miles?

Author: Desmond Last

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