Is Snapchat’s choice of London as home for its international operations a good or a bad one? Why?

My answer to Is Snapchat’s choice of London as home for its international operations a good or a bad one? Why?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Unless the Government of the United Kingdom take urgent measures to bring U.K based cyber crime under control I personally would not recommend any company choosing the United Kingdom as an operating base.

No matter what spin the U.K Government puts to the business community cybercrime in the U.K is being allowed to operate without the full application of the resources of the law and enforcement agencies that exist to prevent crime.

Theresa May who lives in a bubble which appears to be totally divorced from reality should be asked to deal with the U.K based cyber criminals or resign.

May is employed to do a job. I suggest that Theresa May is not carrying out the legal obligation of her office and in doing so is in contravention of the oath of office May took when she became Prime Minister.

My own personal experience of using the Internet in the U.K is such that I can say that it will affect business sufficiently for business decisions that involve location and investment to be reconsidered.

Added to this is the uncertainty of Brexit and of E.U companies competing for U.K based business.

The U.K Goverment and this includes the Mayor of London would appear to be making it as difficult as possible for business in the U.K.

Snapchat use the Internet. I imagine that they will reconsider their decision in the light of the failure of Theresa May and the U.K Government to stop escalating cyber crime.

Is Snapchat’s choice of London as home for its international operations a good or a bad one? Why?

Author: Desmond Last

My work includes an outline of my New Perspective on Counter Terrorism. I have also written about and warned Governments on the developing threat from the use of Bio-Technologies (Brain2Computer) and Energy Weapons being used by Criminal and Terrorist Organisations. I have developed a reform of the United Nations and written a New System for Climate Change Policy and Disaster Management. My New System of Economics does not support Aid to end Third World Poverty instead it utilizes economic empowerment of Communities to do so. I seek freedom through a Bill of Rights for Creatures Gr8 & Small. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the CIA and MI5/6 have never acknowledged my writing neither have the BBC, CCN and any Australian Media.

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