What are the best aspects of living in Aleppo, Syria as a young adult?

My answer to What are the best aspects of living in Aleppo, Syria as a young adult?

Answer by Desmond Last:

That first-hand you get to witness the absolute callousness of Governments. Right now in Aleppo children are getting bombed.

Why? Because two men, Obama and Putin, are not able to put their differences aside and sit down and talk to each other. Instead they support either the Rebels or Assad thus ensuring children die. It is not ISIS or Al Qaeda that is bombing Aleppo.

It is not their country. But what is theirs is the legal obligation to co-operate within the requirements of the International Convention of Human Rights and membership of the Security Council.

Never in modern history have two men been so guilty of the blatant disregard for the suffering they are causing.

Yes young adults you have a grandstand view of the work of Putin and Obama.

Now these two geniuses are about to invoke carnage in Mosul. Without even trying to talk to ISIS.

What are the best aspects of living in Aleppo, Syria as a young adult?

Author: Desmond Last

My work includes an outline of my New Perspective on Counter Terrorism. I have also written about and warned Governments on the developing threat from the use of Bio-Technologies (Brain2Computer) and Energy Weapons being used by Criminal and Terrorist Organisations. I have developed a reform of the United Nations and written a New System for Climate Change Policy and Disaster Management. My New System of Economics does not support Aid to end Third World Poverty instead it utilizes economic empowerment of Communities to do so. I seek freedom through a Bill of Rights for Creatures Gr8 & Small. Prime Minister Theresa May, the CIA and MI5/6 have never acknowledged my writing neither have the BBC, CCN and any Australian Media.

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