Is there such a thing as “gay suburbs” anymore in Sydney Australia?

My answer to Is there such a thing as “gay suburbs” anymore in Sydney Australia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Sydney and the Inner West have pubs cafes and clubs with their gay social inner circles. Being Gay in Sydney is just that – fun venues where gays and straights mix with no hassle. The Security is trained to be gay aware and will show the rule book to anybody who pushes the behaviour envelope.

Newtown and Enmore are on the edge of the Gay Zone. Gay is acceptable in just about anywhere in Sydney. The venues which the have the Gay Fun theme start at the edge of Inner West Sydney.

King Street Newton has gay pubs and Enmore has the Imperial which is a Gay icon with drag shows and nightclub.

Victoria Park at the end of King Street closer to Broadway has an annual Gay Festival before the Gay Mardi Gras so the area is fine even for the gayest of fully dressed up drag queens – it is safe to be ‘extreme gay’ all along King Street and from there into Oxford

George Street and Kings Cross at the weekends can be a problem if you are on your own and dressed to the edge of the gay extreme look.

From King Street you have Oxford Street, Crown Street and Darlinghurst Road. Oxford Street has ARQ, the Midnight Shift and Stone wall the Crown plus other bars and clubs – all Gay fun venues. All the suburbs either side of Oxford Street are cosmopolitan.

Oxford Street have bars and coffee shops that are happy to have anybody as customers.

The suburbs of Paddington, Glebe Balmain are all very cosmopolitan.

I would say all the inner City and Inner West are all fine if you are looking for bars, clubs and coffee shop that have gay social scenes.

It is not really that the suburbs I have mentioned are ‘gay in your face’ it is more that everybody is accepted.

For everyday living there is not really a problem in most parts of Sydney.

Is there such a thing as “gay suburbs” anymore in Sydney Australia?

Author: Desmond Last

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