How can we find international buyers?

My answer to How can we find international buyers?

Answer by Desmond Last:

When I sold boats in Sydney I would often be contacted and visited by Chinese Boat Builders who wanted me to be a distributor for their product range.

I also was a Dealer for an Austrlain importer who had his range of boats manufactured in China. One of which I sold to the Australian Trunk Racing Champion Bob Middleton who lives in Adelaide.

How is that related to a Chinese Garment manufacture? Well each time I met with the Chinese the price and the lack of product development was a common theme. So too the lack of quality.

The Chinese I spoke to seemed to thing that we would buy anything as long as it was cheap and manufactured in China. They also just turned up and expected me to make a decision on the spot. It does not work like that.

In Australia I designed and had made my own clothing styles. The designs and styles were copied and stolen but that is for the courts one day. I mention to show that I have some experience in the subject.

My advice is to team up with a European Designer – there are many. I suggest an Italian Fashion College would be a good start.

You face a lot of competition and you will need to stand out to compete. There is a lack of fashion direction at the moment, particularly in the U.K. Some of the U.K designs lack any form of style.

Once you have your style identification unique to yourselves you can prepare a range and approach buyers.

How can we find international buyers?

Author: Desmond Last

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