What is the best place to buy a boat?

My answer to What is the best place to buy a boat?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Buying a boat can be a great experience or a nightmare. The closest analogy to buying a boat is buying a home.If you are buying a boat that is permanently in the water then I would strongly recommend you use the services of a boat broker. One who is a member of a National Association.

In Sydney as owner and boat broker of Sydney Boat Sales, I was the first chairman of the Marine Brokers Association and instrumental in forming it. I was also a Director of the NSW Australia Boating Industry Association. I know the pitfalls of buying a boat and how expensive they can be.

Use a boat broker who is professionally accredited and is competent. One who has been in the business for a while with a good range of boats. He will have little to gain by selling you a boat which is not suited you or has a false description. Most boat brokers sell on commission for owners.

To make the most of the brokers time make an appointment,

Make sure your broker provides you with a checked inventory, and written acceptance of your offer in the form of a contract with the conditions of sale.

Make sure you use a qualified independent boat surveyor. Even if your wife is kidnapped and held to ransom make sure you get an out of the water survey.

Make sure the broker is providing legal title and all loans will be cleared – ask for proof.

Make sure the broker has an audited trust or independent account for your money.

Buying a boat is a big purchase. Take your time and ask questions. The broker will go through the boat controls with you. If possible be there on the day of the survey.

If you do not sure of your driving capabilities ask the broker to organise some lessons – it will be money well spent.

Finally make sure you can get insurance, and have somewhere to moor or berth your boat once you own it. Ask for a signed transfer of title.

What is the best place to buy a boat?

Author: Desmond Last

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