What are the things I got to do and know before boating?

My answer to What are the things I got to do and know before boating?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Boating is another world. It has its own language and its own special kind of commonsense. The sense of freedom is unique as is the ability of the sea to provide a reflection you cannot feel on land.

But you can drown. I always said to prospective boat buyers who came to Sydney Boat Sales, my brokerage on Sydney Harbor “You can always put on the handbrake in a car but in a boat you can sink”.

You should not go boating if you do not like getting wet. At some time you will fall into the water. It helps if you can swim. Even better if you are wearing a life-jacket.

You will need to complete a boating course. Motor or sail.

Boating is not like owning a car. Your boat will need attention even when you are not using it.

You will need to be prepared before you go anywhere in your boat. You cannot just turn up and expect to turn the key and motor off.

Water corrodes and salt water corrodes completely

Boats cannot just be parked. Tides go in and out. Winds turn and so do boats,

Finally Golden Rule Number One. Never ever buy a boat without a complete survey by a qualified surveyor and make sure this includes an out of the water survey.

But all that apart, boating is great and there are no yellow lines and traffic lights.

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[1] Desmond Last

What are the things I got to do and know before boating?

Author: Desmond Last

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