Do I need to buy a car in Sydney?

My answer to Do I need to buy a car in Sydney?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Save the money and the hassle. You are better off without a car. Avoid the wardens who have been specifically trained to make parking a major pre-occupation, and the Police who are specialists in Parking Tickets.

The City is a parking nightmare. Drivers spend hours and hours driving round and round to find a car-parking spot. Only to spend more time arguing with the other car driver who wants the same spot.

Taxis are plentiful and the prices are not like London where Taxi Drivers have gold taps in their kitchens. There are two types; White and Silver. Silver are cleaner and newer.

The Bus stops are never far from a coffee shop and there is a light rail ssytem for the Inner West.

The Metro takes you everywhere and is not the sardine crush of London.

The Harbor Ferry’s take you across the Harbor and to Paramatta – the next City.

There are also water taxis. Use the White Ones they have a good booking system.

You can walk from the City to Newtown in under an hour and from the Opera House to the City in 30 minutes.

There are plenty of bicycle lanes – everywhere.

Do I need to buy a car in Sydney?

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