Is Islam a major cause of terrorism?

My answer to Is Islam a major cause of terrorism?

Answer by Desmond Last:

No. The Roman Catholic belief in God was not the reason the IRA murdered so many innocent people and Islam is not the reason ISIS et al terrorists murder innocent people.

Islam is faith and belief in the ‘Word of God’.

1,5 billion followers of the ‘Word of God’ through the teaching of the Prophet Muhammed go about their lives everyday in peace.

ISIS has 30–40,000 fighters and say 1000 martyrs and perhaps several thousand supporters. Who, as I have warned our Governments, will continue to grow in number. Unless we stop allowing the killing of civilians and do not counter their radical Philosophy

Note: The increased support will also come from non-Muslims.

ISIS et al do not represent the 1.5 billion Muslims who do not agree with their radicalism.

God has said ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and every day that is what the majority of 1.5 billion of the Islam faith do.

Those in the world that are Christian are mostly peaceful. Apart from the murderers, the rapists, the phedophiles, the big-time drug dealers, women and children traffickers, and those who aim missiles and bombs from aircraft knowing they may kill innocent people.

Islam does not cause terrorism. It is mis-used just as the Bible is.

Is Islam a major cause of terrorism?

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