Will the US ever see peace?

My answer to Will the US ever see peace?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Peace will only come if the People of America demand of their Government an end to supporting Governments and regimes, that are not representatives of their People.

That includes enforcing the International Convention of Human Rights, with a Unifed Legal Force that represents all 192 Countries of the United Nations.

America has 300 million people and a major crisis knocking on its door – Climate Change.

It has a Military Command who live in Alice in Wonderland. They seriously need to start preparing and training for Climate Change. It is going to hit America hard. Very hard.

Instead of wasting money on projects that keep costing more and more they need to rein in their spending and bring the troops home.

America is a very developed economy. It will face massive power cuts, flooding and drought on a scale never seen before. Troops will be needed to help deal with the disasters, and the running repairs to an infrastructure that will fail.

The people of America must demand peace so that 550 billion of American Military is spent in America.


Will the US ever see peace?

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