What’s good journalism?

My answer to What's good journalism?

Answer by Desmond Last:

About 5–6 years ago I employed 12 stunning models (dressed smartly) to line-up outside the NSW State Parliament in Sydney. We stood in a row with Placards stating what it was we were protesting about.

We had just all marched past the Channel 7 studio which was just around the corner.

The reason for my protest was to bring to the attention of the NSW Government and People the need for a Emergency Services Blue Line. A line to emphasize the outside lane. When your car radio switched to the emergency frequency you would be told where the ambulance or Fire Brigade were. Then you would move to the left of the blue line.

In Sydney the main roads in and out of the City are fairly narrow and often cars in the outside lane block emergency services. So the idea had merit.

Not one Journalist interviewed. me. Yet they knew we were there. Not one Government member asked us what we were protesting about. They walked straight past.

To me good Journalism has to be independent. It is has to question. It has to be ready to take on Governments. Its has to represent all the people not just some of them.

In my opinion the U.K media would have to rank at the bottom of the table of the World’s Journalists. They never go hard on the Government and in my case will not report me or my ideas. In 8 years of writing and protesting to improve the world not one Journalist has reported me.


What's good journalism?

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