How far behind in their knowledge of cyber security is law enforcement?

My answer to How far behind in their knowledge of cyber security is law enforcement?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Crushing the fingers of cyber-criminals in a vice is not an option. Therefore we have to introduce penalties that will reduce cyber crime, not just punish the offender.

In the U.K the Police have not yet invented the wheel when it comes to computer security and the U.K Government are still in the backwoods.

The U.K Police are under-resourced. Those that are involved in cyber-crime are hampered by an inadequate reporting system.

The U.K Government has failed to match the growth of Wi-Fi with the legal safeguards to ensure that the network is not hacked.

I do not believe it is the knowledge that the U.K Police lack, it is the Political Will to deal with the criminals that is missing. Theresa May the U.K Prime Minister was Home Secretary for 6 years and yet cyber-crime is worse than ever.

It is not as if the technology is that difficult to comprehend. The U.K is fast becoming the Bermuda Triangle of Cyber-Crime. It is rampant.

It needs to be dealt with urgently.

  1. We need a reporting system that has a coordinated and targeted response. The U.K has neither. You are directed to a website where you put in the details and are provided with a reference number. That is it.The U.K does not have the resources to investigate ‘real time’ crime let alone cyber-crime.
  2. We need a penalty that works. Cyber criminals should not be allowed on the Internet for x years depending on the severity of the crime.

It is a disgusting frustrating and very costly crime. We need the U.K Government to act before the cyber criminals in the U.K start to empty our bank accounts.

How far behind in their knowledge of cyber security is law enforcement?

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