What ruins Quora for you?

My answer to What ruins Quora for you?

Answer by Desmond Last:

Quora invites people to answer questions on topics which interest people. It does so to inform, raise awareness and provoke debate. Yet its moderation is draconian.

I have just had a science fiction answer collapsed because of poor formatting. Yet it has 4400 views and 18 up-votes. Not one reader has mentioned that it has poor grammar or bad formatting.

Writing an answer that has a message, and is in fiction form, is not a style that can have the same ‘syntax’ and ‘grammar’ applied to it as a non-fiction story.

A writer has to apply his or her own unique art to a story. Particularly if you are trying in a short answer to address the question and provoke debate about a theme or cause.

Quora is good. I like it. But the moderator is not democratic. All you can do is appeal.

There is no contact with the moderator, and if he she or they decide against you then their decision is final.

All systems evolve, and at the same time must engage with those who they are intended to address.

I would suggest that Quora introduce an ‘advisory’ in addition to a collapse. It would be more user-friendly and help those who have good answers but want to develop their ability to be involved.


What ruins Quora for you?

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