Why do so many people get nervous when they see a gun owner open carry in America?

My answer to Why do so many people get nervous when they see a gun owner open carry in America?

Answer by Desmond Last:

We all get nervous when we see a gun. Even when we see a Policeman with a gun we unconsciously look at it.

I once wrote a new set of Gun Laws for the U.S.A. One of my major changes to the existing laws, or lack of them, was a Gun course with a minimum marksmanship requirement.

We do not drive cars without lessons and a test – Guns should be no different.

The course for a Cop and a Private Individual should be no different.

I also in the laws stated you had to be a fully paid-up member of a Local Gun Club.

I wrote to Obama about my proposals – but he never replied .

The Gun Laws I have written were very detailed and in Legislate format.

David Cameron the then U.K Prime Minster also never replied. But then neither has Hillary Clinton.

When I was writing the gun laws I also described all the emotions a Police Officer has to endure in the few seconds a gun is pointed at him.

My point being that we need to provide a detailed emotional bench-test for Police Officers before we let them carry a gun.

It is a huge responsibility and I do not think it is given enough consideration by those who employ Police officers.

Perhaps in view of recent events some may be even more nervous when they see an armed Cop. This is not a good emotional development as nervousness can trigger the wrong response.

Whilst on one of my four visits ti the U.S I saw and experienced the Police in action.

What I did notice was a huge difference in how they approach people.

That is the the key to reducing the deaths by armed Police.

That and the Gun course for Private Gun owners- a professional theory, shooting and gun care course – before the license is issued.


Why do so many people get nervous when they see a gun owner open carry in America?

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