Why don’t we make peace with Russia?

My answer to Why don't we make peace with Russia?

Answer by Desmond Last:

We as the ‘People’ are at Peace with Russia and its People.

I never meet anybody who says to me “looking forward to killing more Russians?”

I like Russia and I guess so do most of us.

So who exactly is not at Peace with Russia?

Ah yes. America. But is that the people of America or the Government of America?

When I visited America I did not see a single ‘I hate the Russians’ sign.

It is not we the People who wage the wars that cost us all so dear,

It is those who lead us.

Unfortunately we give them all the Power and they take no responsibility for decisions that kill so many.

There are 7 billions of us. How many actually are at war? Yet we are held hostage by them.

It is time for a new way. A new Global democracy. A people way following that which the word of God demanded of us.

“Thou shall not kill” but thou can defend against greed. corruption and abuse of Power.


Why don't we make peace with Russia?

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