Why does God send down so many disasters upon this mankind?

My answer to Why does God send down so many disasters upon this mankind?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I wasn’t aware that God had sent any disasters upon mankind.

If you mean the approximately 100 conflicts in the world – I didn't see God ordering those.

Nor did God ask for 300,000 Syrians to die in a five year war and not one Church leader being the war to an end.

Perhaps you mean the millions of children that live in poverty and die a miserable death of malnutrition and disease. God didn't order their deaths either.

Do you mean the torrential rainfalls, the bushfires, the droughts the stripping of the Amazon, the toxic fumes in China, the nuclear radiation from nuclear powers stations built in earthquake prone areas. and whatever man can do to destroy Planet Earth?

187 countries just signed an agreement to deal with man-made climate change disasters – I did not read a clause that said ‘and God can deal with them’.

Perhaps you mean the 18,000 nuclear weapons that allow our World Leaders to play God with. No God did not design them.

God has given us life with a soul and spirit, and an imagination so that we can create Heaven on Earth – not destroy it.

We have everything we need for Good. All the Evil come from ourselves.

We have the science and the intelligence to predict earthquakes, floods etc. Instead we waste our money on wars and killing each other.

God has only ever given to mankind. He has never taken.


Why does God send down so many disasters upon this mankind?

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