What the daily life of a homeless person?

My answer to What the daily life of a homeless person?

Answer by Desmond Last:

You walked as as if you are were on a conveyor belt with only one direction. You could not go left or right.

You had no control over your fate.

You were invisible to those around you. You had have forgotten what it was like to see into another eye’s.

None would look at yours.

You had only just began the automation of your day but already your mind had leap-fogged ahead as if you could see the dark cold floor you were going to sleep on.

The floors have a smell of their own. It wraps around you and freezes your senses.

The smell never leaves you. The floor is always cold. Cold like the world you live in. You see them but you are not one of them.

It is as if you are in another world.

They walk past joyful in their endeavor and heartless in their selfishness.

You try to forget that you too once had what they own.

But they cannot take your pride or your dignity. That belongs to you.

It is sacred and must be guarded with your life.

That is why you are now in the Prison Cell.

No copper was going to treat you like trash. He was young enough to be your son.

What did he know. Iraq was just a news item for him.

For you it was your life, your comrades, your reason for living.

You had believed him. He said it was a war of the Just.

He said it was a war to end a tyranny. Instead it began one.

You never felt the noose. You never felt the pain. You had stopped feeling the pain a long time ago.

I answered it this way to make it mean something. I have been homeless and I have walked the streets. This is for those who serve their country and are let down by those who choose our wars.


What the daily life of a homeless person?

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