Why are terrorists targeting airports as opposed to malls, capital buildings, etc.?

My answer to Why are terrorists targeting airports as opposed to malls, capital buildings, etc.?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The intersection of so many nationalities at International Airports and types of dress make it difficult to spot a potential terrorist.

The effect of the terrorist act the alters traffic flows at other Airports around the World.

There are many other factors too. The speed of people flow, its density, the 24 hour opening and the flow of traffic right into the covered areas.

With so many people walking in different directions it is difficult to watch them all.

The effect of a terrorist attack at an airport is always on news channels around the world.

The ‘fear’ effect is greater than say a Mall or capital building.

This can also cause internal division in Governments who are caught in Regional cross-fire such as Turkey.

The economic effects are also more greatly felt. Turkey’s tourist industry is down by 35 per cent.

The suicide bomber will expect there to be Western tourists which is his Holy Grail.

Terrorists attacks at airports will become more frequent. Yet the Western Leaders do not seem able to accept that they cannot stop the suicide bombers solely with troops and attempts to wipe them out.

We will never stop the attacks until we counter that which in their minds is used to detach them from Earth and send them to Heaven, and the poverty and corruption which provides their support.

As I keep saying, we need a new Philosophy to counter that of ISIS’s which is why I do not understand why it is Cameron and Obama have not encouraged my writing.

Both Cameron and Obama know I have new Philosophy which promotes a development of understanding of Islam and Christianity but chose to ignore me.

We cannot allow ourselves to live in a World of heightened security and fear. It will become so costly that it will affect industry costs and national economies.

It also does not solve the problem.


Why are terrorists targeting airports as opposed to malls, capital buildings, etc.?

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