Do the people of London despise Boris Johnson?

My answer to Do the people of London despise Boris Johnson?

Answer by Desmond Last:

I do not think anybody despises Boris Johnson. He captured the mood of the people and tried in his own way to re-establish a culture of independence we once were all proud to embrace. Independence is not racist. It means you want to decide your own fate.

You cannot judge London’s reaction to Boris Johnson by the media or the Mayor of London.

Surely the Mayor of London was only considering London and not the rest of the United Kingdom who through their taxes and trade contribute to the City.

The media in the United Kingdom including the BBC do not have a reputation for balanced reporting and their ownership has determined whose side they are on.

The Daily Mail the ‘champion of the people’ has already sided with Theresa May. Yet has conveniently forgotten her Home Office ‘lost asylum seekers’ and her attempts to constrain civil liberties.

I think we all wanted Boris to get a chance to put his ideas to the People through a leadership contest. He deserved it.

I personally do not think Boris has the economic and negotiations skills to secure a ‘best for U.K’ deal with Europe. But then Theresa May has already said she will ignore our growing deficit. This at a time when the parameters of new capital formation are as yet unknown. Not a very sensible economic statement to make .

It is strange that despite that just having received a lesson in People democracy that the Conservatives then choose to ignore it.

I think most Londoner’s would have welcomed Boris part in the Brexit campaign as a symbol of democracy.

Do the people of London despise Boris Johnson?

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