Why do terrorists persevere with terror tactics, despite achieving nothing beneficial through terrorism?

My answer to Why do terrorists persevere with terror tactics, despite achieving nothing beneficial through terroris…

Answer by Desmond Last:

The terrorist (Suicide Bomber) and the Terrorist Organisation are very different.

Suicide Bomber: The very act of accepting their fate as a destiny rather than a single moment of destruction, provides the suicide bomber with the conception of a belief that they are giving themselves an opportunity to transform their life into a meaning.

It is not possible to view the suicide bomber with a rational explanation based on our beliefs. Many of us who would never consider such an act, cannot imagine the strength of the conviction that the suicide bomber has – that he has been born to die for ‘this’ moment.

The lead-up to the moment when the decision is made will be for some many months before the act for others it may only be days or even moments.

We have seen the different types recently.

The sheer frustrated anger of the ‘lone wolf’ terrorist. No Police or MI5 will ever be able to stop or discover him or her until it is too late. His anger will be triggered by months or even years of frustration with a news broadcast or a video showing his belief being destroyed in some way.

Then he will implode into anger and rush out with any weapon he is able to find.

Others will be totally calm and rational – they will have decided that their life is of no existence in a world that offers no solutions. They hate every person in the West. They do not connect to them in anyway. Even the sound of their voices will make them want to blow them into Hell. To them it is the people who have allowed the Governments to take away their right to the beliefs they have.

Suicide Bombers do not read the Quran they are blinded by it. Read ISIS’S use of the Quran and you will see how they produce new statements of prophecy from their extreme understanding of the times of the Great Prophet Muhammad, as if they were in that time today.

I have written both to Obama and David Cameron. I have said that the only way we can stop the terrorism that will get a lot worse, is by developing the word of God. At the moment only ISIS are doing that. My development has been ignored by both Cameron and Obama. I have no idea why. They have no solutions and they cannot write a new Philosophy.

Using Conservative Islam is not the answer to the new understanding of the Prophet Muhammad that ISIS is promoting.

But the Western Leaders do not seem able to understand this. Until we are able to answer ISIS’s new theorem of God with a development that is independent of all forms of constriction of imagination and belief , those who seek salvation through deadly commitment will continue to become suicide bombers.

The Terrorist Organisation is the Mi5 of Extremism. It will use whatever tools are available to achieve its aims. It leadership structure has built-in redundancy and its befall are set in stone.

Terrorist Organisations are attracting more people everyday as the Hypocrisy of the Western Governments continues to spread poverty and death through war, Climate Change and corruption.

If we do not formulate a new approach to Terrorism and its causes the tragedy of Turkey will keep occurring.

We must also be prepared for ‘other groups’ who will fund terrorist organisations to create more division in our world and use it to promote their own aims.

The act of of commitment is a proof and its own reward for the suicide bomber.

For the Terrorist Organisation our fear andun the increasing cost of our fear is sufficient for them.


Why do terrorists persevere with terror tactics, despite achieving nothing beneficial through terrorism?

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