How do you fight terrorism while maintaining basic human rights?

My answer to How do you fight terrorism while maintaining basic human rights?

Answer by Desmond Last:

With respect. Respect for all the sacrifices made by those who have fought and died for freedom, justice and human rights.

We cannot defeat terrorism with torture, with indiscriminate bombing, with corruption and with false ideals.

If the world were perfect with absolute Peace and no Evil – there would be no terrorism.

But we have allowed the world to become deeply divided by our failure to ensure we all respect each other – human rights.

We, that is the West, have lectured and preached to the world that they must be democratic and humane as we are. Whilst at the same time we have supported corrupt regimes, provided money and arms to whichever side we can profit from, and turned our backs on peoples in need.

We can only defeat terrorism if we stop taking sides, cease pursuing individual interests as opposed to working for Global Peace, and by taking positive Military action to end conflicts not to gain strategic interest.

The inequalities that exist must be lessened. They are the food of terrorism. How can we compete with Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Al Queada and ISIS who point to our hypocrisy to gain support?

More and more of the poverty-stricken will continue to lend their support to these groups they see as Freedom Fighters. They will say that they are the only ones fighting for them.

The leaders of the Faith of Islam use God to further their own interests and in doing so cause even more division and confusion of thought.

Islam is not a tool to be used to justify actions that harm innocents. The failure of the leaders of Islam to develop a modern philosophy which unites Islam rather than divides it, allows the Terrorist Organisations to seek a new path that has no division – hence the Islamic State.

It is our pursuit of human rights as a natural acceptance not just as legal rights that will defeat terrorism. If we go down the road of torture, imprisonment without trial and indiscriminate bombing we will create martyrs and more support for the terrorists.

I sat down some time ago and began a journey that we need to embark upon if we are to defeat terrorism. I began writing of a voice in the desert – the voice of faith and belief. The intention is to bring Peace to Islam and Christianity. For that we need my right to do so. It has been taken away by the same Western leaders that preach of Human Rights – Cameron and Obama.

Until we respect that which we say we stand for; Truth, Justice, Honour and Freedom we can not defeat terrorism.

Desmond Last

How do you fight terrorism while maintaining basic human rights?

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