Why is world peace considered important?

My answer to Why is world peace considered important?

Answer by Desmond Last:

If we do not put World Peace on the Agenda we will have Global War.

I consider World Peace to be important for the survival of mankind.

Nobody is buying less arms. Nobody is closing down their nuclear shelters.

Nobody is bringing Peace to anywhere in the world.

The refugees crisis gets worse everyday. Terrorism gets worse everyday.

World Peace has to be on the agenda – but it is not.

There are people who want Power – Global Power. They will use conflicts, religion and Climate Change to advance their Power.

Which is why we need to be part of a system that brings Peace to the World. I wrote to Cameron, Obama Rudd Gillard Abbott etc and all news media with a new system. A loud silence was the only reply.

Praying to God for World Peace is not going to do it. We have more Evil in the world today than at anytime in mankind’s history.

There is only one way to get World Peace – be prepared to fight for it.

We cannot keep taking sides and perusing vested self-interest.

We have to develop our understanding of God. I have began an Epiphany which does that. But Obama, Cameron and the Church Groups have shown no interest.

God is not going to allow us to enjoy the Universe unless we can rid ourselves of the Evil that promotes war.

Desmond Last

Why is world peace considered important?

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