What does God have faith in?

My answer to What does God have faith in?

Answer by Desmond Last:

God has faith in each and every one of us.

He has the faith that all he has given us as his gift will be used to remove Evil and protect innocence.

That we will respect each other and protect that respect with all that we have been given.

He knows that I will use my gifts of writing to remove Evil from the world.

I may not achieve what I want. But he knows I will do everything I legally can to remove the Evil which has taken making to the brink of extinction.

He hopes that you too will do whatever you can to do the same.

God has had faith in us. He has seen the sacrifices of so many to achieve the best they can for each and everyone of us.

But we have failed him. There is no reason for children to die of hunger, disease or war. We let those children be born. We have a duty to protect them.

Everybody is able to support God. If all you do is smile instead of frown you have given something that was never there before.

We all can defeat Evil. Some of us more than others. The People of the world must decide whose side they are on. God’s or Evil.


What does God have faith in?

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