Is love really an emotion or is it an expression of the peace of body and mind?

My answer to Is love really an emotion or is it an expression of the peace of body and mind?

Answer by Desmond Last:

The most pure expression of love is respect. Your mind is able to accept another person’s expression without wanting to reject the articulation or physicality of that person.

That respect is born of trust and belief. You trust your own belief in your ability to accept another person’s emotions. Then when you have, you believe them that they will not use that trust to control you, through the emotional pathway you have opened into your life.

To allow that pathway into your network of emotions you have to be at Peace of both body and mind. It would be pretty hard to fall in love with somebody who physically repulsed you.

Personally for me the absolute abuse I have had to endure both physically and mentally for 8 years, will mean I can never again let that pathway to my emotional network be entered.

I cannot still believe how cruel the human mind can be. But it is.

From that I give this advice to vulnerable women. Trust nobody, believe only yourself, and you be the one to take charge of the emotional pathway between you and another person.

For when you are in complete control of your emotions then nobody can harm you. Then you have true Inner Peace.

There are 7 billion people on this Planet – I only trust one – my Mum.

In the universe I trust God.

Desmond Last

Is love really an emotion or is it an expression of the peace of body and mind?

Published by Desmond Last

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