About Me: My name is Desmond Last. For the past 10~ years I have been writing and developing my own original new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and fashion designer. Since I have began writing my life has been subjected to a series of  legal and criminal unwarranted and uninvited circumstances some of which are in recorded in Desmond Last My Story.

I am living in Sydney Australia.  Contact desmondlast@outlook.com

Copyright Notice. All my work on and off-line is Copyright Protected.

President Trump and the White House are the only Administration to officially respond to my work. My Writing(s), some of which are list below, are ignored by all the World’s Media & the Governments of Theresa May and Malcolm Turnbull.

U.S.A Drug Crisis. Click Here Drug Crisis  to go direct to my current on-going online work on the outline of my Strategy to Deal with the Drug Crisis in America.

ISIS and Counter Terrorism. My writing of God, Counter Terrorism and ISIS which the Governments of the United Kingdom the United States of America and Australia as well the Western Media have never supported or acknowledged provides a new direction to the disaffected who may otherwise support ISIS by carrying out acts of terror. Click Here to Read

Brain 2 Computer Technology. My discussion of its Dangers and the failure of the U.S.A & U.K Government’s Security Services to correctly evaluate its systemic extrapolation as a threat to National and Global Security. I also discuss it’s potential as a casual factor in U.S mass shootings.

Social & Medical Experimentation. I am campaigning to ensure that our Governments ensure that all Social and Medical Experimentation  is positively approved and  monitored  by the Government, Police and Medical Regulatory Bodies.

Mental Health Act UK & Australia. There is an urgent Need to Change the Mental Health Acts of both the United Kingdom and Australia. Human Rights must be safeguarded whatever the state of your Mental Health is. As one who has been subjected to the ‘confirmed’ misuse of the Act(s) by both the Australian and U.K Governments I seek to amend both Acts to ensure Citizens rights are not removed by the Act.

Direct Energy Weapons kill and maim. They can cause permanent brain damage as well as heart failure and death. The U.K Government and other Governments have done nothing to ensure the safety of Citizens from non-military use of DE Weapons. Yet they are funding development of these weapons. I seek to ensure our protection.

America’s National Strategy. An appraisal with my own suggestions and comments of President Trump’s National Strategy for America. This is now completed. A copy was sent to President Trump and the CIA.

Angel. My major historical work is ‘Angel’ which is a story of mankind’s conscience – humanity. Angel is God’s appointed guardian of all that he has created, loves and is proud of. Angel seeks through time to awaken mankind’s compassion and love which is so often displaced by the manifestation of its Evil – Apathy.

The Epiphany. I have written in part ‘The Epiphany’ which is a journey through the soul of man and woman as the acknowledgment of the magnitude of God’s achievement. I seek to develop the possibilities of faith through both torment and enlightenment – the fight of Good against Evil. Evil has none other than a selfishness. Evil encompasses all and devours in its entirety. It is Evil we should be defeating not each other. There is only one God and we as a People are either Good or Evil. It is a choice we each have to make. Evil is the common enemy and we must all act as one regardless of our faiths in order to defeat it.  The Epiphany is an essential work if those who seek to serve God through acts of terror are to be provided with an alternative to the ISIS misuse of the ‘Word of God’. It is also a reminder to those who so easily explain civilian deaths in war as ‘collateral damage’ that God is equal in his salvation and all-encompassing in his condemnation of the destruction of innocence.

Counter Terrorism. It will not be possible to defeat Terrorism without a development of an understanding of the ‘Word (World) of God’. ISIS have written their development of the ‘Word of God’ with its tragic and horrific consequences.  MI5/6 and the U.K Prime Minister Theresa May will not acknowledge mine.

Despite the complete absence of support from the United Kingdom, Australian and American Governments my writing challenges ISIS development of the Word of God with my own Development of the World of God. Terror has no place with God and those who are seduced by the fiery rhetoric appeal of the ‘ISIS Quran’ must understand the Quran as quoted by ISIS is not relevant to the World of God. ISIS are trapped in vicious cycle of violence against innocents who have no choice but to live the lives they are presented with.

‘God gave us bravery to defend the innocents not cowardice to maim and murder them’.

The U.K Government does not appear to understand that by ignoring new perspectives and solutions to the increased terror threat they are increasing the risk of terror attacks on the lives of their Citizens.

I have written much about Counter Terrorism. Whilst acknowledging that an effective legal unified military response is a necessity in order to contain terrorism it is the pen and its actions which will one day defeat terrorism. No person within ISIS or Al Qaeda will ever sign a surrender document. Therefore it is their support we must address with a counter to the ISIS developed misuse of the ‘Word of God’.

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My Songs. My most important songs include ‘Somewhere in Afghanistan’ which seeks to remind that the ‘Pain of Death’ haunts all those in Afghanistan including the family of a slain U.S Marine in Georgia of whom the song is based around. The song made a direct appeal to the then leader of the Taliban Mullah Omar to consider a halt to the conflict as has subsequent poetry written to Ayman Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda in which I compare the loss of his wife, son and daughter during an American airstrike to that of American mothers and fathers who have lost their sons and daughters in Afghanistan- it  too was an attempt to promote a dialogue and to highlight the futility of continued conflict- but not a concession to terrorism which we must defeat. However, it is the pen and its actions which will one day defeat terrorism. Did they ever read them? I have no idea as the World’s Media will not report me or my work.

My song ‘Traffic’ is a very carefully written song intended to be heard by those who traffic women and children and seeks the release of their captives.


My Poetry covers a wide range of subjects and are ‘Story Poems’ which include Dunkirk, D-Day, Hopscotch of Death (children dying in war) and the tragic murder of Marilyn Monroe. Interestingly I included North Korea’s Kim Jung’s Grandfather in my work as an attempt to promote a dialogue. All my work is intended to remind, provoke thought and discussion and provide a new Direction for Philosophy and Policy. Much of my work leads on to new Policies and Systems – which have all been ignored by Governments and the Media.

Other Subjects I write about but am not restricted to: Click Here for Q&A on Quora of my views or Click Here for a Summary Detail of the Subjects I write about.

Climate Change. A Global Mandatory System for Halting the accelerating rate of Climate Change’. We need a ‘no disadvantage enforceable mandatory agreement’ if we are to save our Planet.

A New Economic System with a new theory of Employment  that removes individual unemployment.

A New system of Economic Investment for Countries whose economies support its people have that does not allow corruption and replaces Donar Aid.

A National and International Disaster Response System which will save lives.

Prison Reform. Ensuring penalties work and that Prisons are cost-effective with systems of self-management.

A World Bill of Rights for All Creatures Great and Small – Freedom Is Universal.
World Peace. New system to stop conflicts in the World with a reform of the United Nations.

Fiction. Click Here and Here to read the use of my Science Fiction on Quora.