My New Ideas For a Better World & My Strategy For The U.S.A ‘Drug Crisis’


cropped-cropped-168894_228448167493736_108928883068813963_n.jpg About Me: For the past 9~ years I have been writing and developing new Ideas and Systems for a Better World. I am also a Poet, singer/songwriter and fashion designer.

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An Outline of some of My Writing.

Angel. My major historical work is ‘Angel’ which is a story of mankind’s conscience – humanity. Angel is God’s appointed guardian of all that he has created, loves and is proud of. Angel seeks through time to awaken mankind’s compassion and love which is so often displaced by the manifestation of its Evil – Apathy.

The Epiphany. I have written in part ‘The Epiphany’ which is a journey through the soul of man and woman as the acknowledgment of the magnitude of God’s achievement. I seek to develop the possibilities of faith through both torment and enlightenment – the fight of Good against Evil. Evil has none other than a selfishness. Evil encompasses all and devours in its entirety. It is Evil we should be defeating not each other. There is only one God and we as a People are either Good or Evil. It is a choice we each have to make. Evil is the common enemy and we must all act as one regardless of our faiths in order to defeat it.

Counter Terrorism. I have written much about Counter Terrorism. My attempt to explain the value of my writing in the fight against ISIS has been lost on both Theresa May and MI5 who ignore all my work and who have no new solutions to the halting of U.K Terror Attacks. Whilst acknowledging that an effective legal unified military  response is a necessity in order to contain terrorism it is the pen and its actions which will one day defeat terrorism.

My Songs. My most important songs include ‘Somewhere in Afghanistan’ which seeks to to remind that the ‘Pain of Death’ haunts all those in Afghanistan including the family of a slain U.S Marine in Georgia of whom the song is based around. The song made a direct appeal to the then leader of the Taliban Mullah Omar to consider a halt to the conflict as has subsequent poetry written to Ayman Al Zawahiri of Al Qaeda in which I compare the loss of his wife, son and daughter during an American airstrike to that of American mothers and fathers who have lost their sons and daughters in Afghanistan- it  too was an attempt to promote a dialogue and to highlight the futility of continued conflcit- but not a concession to terrorism which we must defeat. However, it is the pen and its actions which will one day defeat terrorism. Did they ever read them? I have no idea as the World’s Media will not report me or my work.

My song ‘Traffic’ is a very carefully written song intended to appeal to those who traffic women and children and seeks the release of their captives.

My Poetry covers a wide range of subjects and are ‘Story Poems’ which include Dunkirk, D-Day, Hopscotch of Death (children dying in war) and the tragic murder of Marilyn Monroe. Interestingly I included North Korea’s Kim Jung’s Grandfather in my work as an attempt to promote a dialogue. All my work is intended to remind, provoke thought and discussion and provide a new Direction for Philosophy and Policy. Much of my work leads on to new Policies and Systems – all ignored by Government and Media.

Copyright Notice. No person(s), No Organisation Legal or otherwise has any permission(s) to reproduce and copy any of my work in any form and/or to profit from my work by any method known or otherwise. No person has the legal right to use my Identity in any form in any Country of the World without my consent – none has ever been given.

A Criminal Group who say they represent the International Community.  I have been told by an anonymous letter which I received whilst in Sydney that my writing and much of my work has been illegally copied without my consent, reproduced and profited from by a criminal Group who say they represent the World Government’s and Institutions – the so-called International Community.  In fact they represent nobody but themselves. This has also included the copying and using my Identity without my permission. The letter was highly detailed and contained photos, information and recorded transcripts. The level of detail indicated to me it was genuine. However, as yet I have not been able to find those responsible. Therefore my understanding of the last 9 years of my life remains a contextual construction of its events.

Abuse of Legal Power. The last nine years of my life became what can appropriately be described as a  Nightmare which began when I commenced serious writing to address the problems the World. It is a long story and much of it too unbelievable to make Public without all the Evidence I need to bring those responsible to Justice – you can be assured that day will come. I continue to protest the abuse of Legal Power by the U.K & Australian Governments that I have been subjected to and the criminal circumstances I have had to endure by persons as yet unknown. I also continue to protest that the eviction from my home at 23 Boundary Street Darlington Sydney by the Australian ANZ Bank was carried out without giving me the required legal notice. I was evicted without any warning or notice. 

Read My Story. What has happened to me as series of events cannot I believe to be considered to be  mere coincidence. Make up your own minds.

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The Media. I am sure President Trump will not be surprised by the fact that the BBC said and I quote ‘ we cannot report you’. In fact President Trump will see the complete absence of any reporting of this matter by any Journalist anywhere in the World as confirmation of his opinion of the Media.

Warning. The Global Criminal Group who I believe have copied my work and have attempted to harm and incriminate me (and failed) are based on what has happened to are very dangerous. Acting on information I have received it is my duty to warn Parents that should you encounter any Group who may be acting as a Social Experiment Group, a Global Research Group or a Global Medical Research Group verify the safety of your family and children before being involved with them.

Parents Take Note. In the U.K any Person working with Children is legally required to have a ‘verifiable’ current Disclosure and Barring Certificate.

Current Location. I have lived in Sydney, Australia for 25 years and am currently living in Bicester, U.K looking after my mum who is 88 and very frail. When I am no longer able to care for my mother I will return to Australia – I am a Citizen of both the U.K and Australia. 

Subjects I write about but am not restricted to:

A new Global Mandatory System for Halting the accelerating rate of Climate Change’. We need a ‘no disadvantage enforceable mandatory agreement’ if we are to save our Planet.  Read QA on Quora for Examples.
A New System for Dealing with Disaster Situations at both the National and International Level. It will if implemented save lives.
A new system of Economic Theory with ‘Zero Unemployment’; ‘Evolved Economics’,
A ‘reform of the U.N’ and a model for World Peace.
Read QA on Quora for Examples.
A new Perspective of ‘The Word of God’ to counter that of ISIS & Al Qaeda with a new approach to Counter-Terrorism’ – Ignored by the U.K.GOV & MI5.
Read QA
A Global ‘Bill of Rights’ for all Creatures Great and Small ensuring the freedom they have a right to.
A new system of ‘Economic Management’ to end Third World Poverty, Economic Corruption and replace Government Donar Aid.
I also write Poetry, Fiction and Songs.

Desmond Last’s Current on-going work. The outline of my Strategy to ‘Halt the Increasing rate of Drug Addiction in America’ -‘The Drug Crisis’. 

c.c President Trump. Nikki Haley U.S Ambassador to the U.N. President Duterte


Note: This is an on-line ongoing work. Therefore, at times the editing and writing may be out of synch or not completed.

Introduction:I decided to begin this Strategy to ‘Slow, Stop and Reverse’ the accelerating rate of Drug Addiction’ in America -‘The Drug Crisis’ after I received a Letter from the White House on behalf of President Trump thanking me for my discussion of  President Trump’s Made in America Campaign which I am using in Partnership with this Strategy.

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I was surprised by the letter I received from the White House. In 8 years of writing, including to the Governments of Obama and Clinton (U.S.A.), May and Cameron (U.K) and from Julia Gillard to Malcolm Turnbull (Australia) with my new and workable ideas to improve our World it was the first time a Government has ever responded to me. No doubt the same letter possibly goes out countless times a week but it does mean that somebody in the White House is reading this. If we are to improve our World then we the People must be part of it. For too long our Governments, particularly the U.K Government, have acted apart from the People. It is time to bring the People ‘In from the Cold.

Page 1. Home Page with Introduction.

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Page 2. Individual Subject(s) with Outline

Page 3. Preliminary Policy Proposals. 

Page 4. Order of Implementation and TimeLines.

Page 5. Resources Required.

Page 6. Benchmarking and Critical Benchmarks

Page 7. New Security Measures. For obvious reasons this is only a broad description.

For America to reduce the devastation, destruction and misery caused by illegal drugs and the addiction caused by the oversupply of  prescription drugs then it must adopt a system which ‘controls both supply and demand’ – that is the intended outcome of this Strategy. There can be no half-measures. You cannot reverse the increasing rate of drug addiction of both legal and illegal drugs in America without doing so.

The Cost of the Drug Crisis

The U.S. federal government spent over $15 billion dollars in 2010 on the War on Drugs, at a rate of about $500 per second. State and local governments spent at least another 25 billion dollars. The Drug Clock.

America’s efforts to end drug addiction have to become iconic; a statement of America’s ability to act as one Nation and a redline to those who profit from the death and misery caused by illegal drug addiction as well as a clear signal to those whose bottom line is profit with no responsibility.

The Strategy. My Strategy is not about developing even more costly programs. It is about allowing People to be Proud when they have been ashamed, useful when they have been unable to participate, productive when they have been a cost and most of all able to enjoy being part of a Nation who like me ‘will never give up’. It is a Strategy of Direction and Self-Help.

It is also of course about making sure that nobody makes illegal profits from America’s Drug Crisis in all its forms.

This is not a  complete Strategy only an outline. To complete it I will need to involve those who will be involved in implementing it and those who will be self-helped by its process. There is little point in a Strategy that does not include the vast wealth of expertise and experience that already exists. There is also no point in spending the many hours required to write a fully-finished strategy unless it is requested – that is why this is c.c. President Trump.

I have combined new Economic Theory, New Systems Applications, President Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Campaign and the Power of the Community to outline how it is possible to reverse the accelerating rate of ‘Drug Addiction in America’.

Scope of the Strategy. By addressing the ‘Drug Crisis many other problems will be effected by reducing its effect; Corruption, Crime, Government inefficiency through duplication, Financial Fraud, Criminal Third-Party infiltration of Local, State and Federal Government, cyber-crime, Unemployment and America’s Loss of Domestic Manufacturing, Money Laundering and Corporate Fraud. It will also help to bring back moral leadership to America -something which is needed everywhere in the World.

These are my slogans for this Strategy which brings together President Trump’s efforts to increase the labour value of Americans and their participation in the American Economy with his declaration that the U.S Drug Crisis has been declared a National Emergency. To that I have added my own new Economic Theory (Evolved Economic Theory) and my new system(s) for addressing the Drug Crisis. 

‘Buy American for Americans to Create Jobs not Drugs’

‘America United with Common Purpose will Never be a Nation Defeated’




The Principle of the Strategy. The Strategy is a ‘Purpose of Self-Help’ and a revival of moral leadership. It also addresses Unemployment and Underemployment, which for many are the foundation of despair and the tools of the illegal drug trade. Pride is vanquished and Community cohesion is destroyed by drugs and unemployment. This Strategy addresses unemployment by getting rid of it at the individual level and promoting a ‘Community at Work’ as a business to bring together skills and empowerment. There are other areas which will benefit from the adoption of this strategy not the least being a reduction in crime.

I am also using the symptoms of ‘chronic pain’ which lead to opioid drug addiction and illegal drug abuse to create a new method of providing non-drug solutions. At the same time I will be providing a ‘new market’ for American Industries and a new revenue(s) stream for the Health Care System. The Pilot Schemes will all have their own version(s) of ‘Universal HealthCare’.

It would be too ambitious of me to say that my Strategy could immediately stop drug addiction for all people for all time as the rate of the increase is out of control. By allowing the Strategy to achieve benchmarks that are realistic it will enable its progress to be quantified.

Therefore, it makes sense to first slow then halt the accelerating rate of the increase in the effects of the Drug Crisis, then stop the increase and finally reverse its increase. Each is a separate part of this Strategy and each requires variations of this Strategy. If America is to benefit from President Trump’s Economic and Drug Policies and lives are going to be saved and improved then the Drug Crisis in all its forms has to end as a ‘Crisis’. 

A Crisis is critical mass. It does not allow for a clear rational application of resources and certainly cannot be allocated a forecasted budget and manpower resources whilst a state of chaos exists. So the first goal of this Strategy will to reduce the manageable critical mass to one in which each of its component parts is able to be recognised, quantified, allocated available resources, made systematic  and controlled. That is the first element of this Strategy – to bring the Crisis under Control.

Drug Addiction is a medical problem, a physiological symptom, an output of a commercial system and an exploitation by those who seek to profit from addiction. For some it is the result of difficulties in dealing with the complexities of our modern world and for many the need to deal with chronic pain. The System must be able to provide the ‘New Alternatives to Opioids and Illegal Drugs’ that must be available if the rate of drug addiction is to be reversed.

However, this is no nice and cosy Strategy. It is a self-help Program. A partnership between those who are addicted and those who want to help them. You cannot make people want to end their addiction. They have to want to help themselves.

Will this Strategy work? Yes. Why? Because it will involve those who are most affected; the People laid to waste by continual Government failure to deal with crime, corruption and a deadly addiction. It gives those affected purpose, meaning and support but it does not wrap them in nappies (diapers). It also addresses all aspects of Criminal methods of the Illegal Drug Trade and includes a new system of control for the supply of prescription drugs and a ‘common purpose’ for Government Agencies such as the DEA. The Strategy also through Congress and the Senate redefines  the term ‘legal responsibility’.

The changes I intend to propose to the interaction of the systems it encompasses will ensure that the many different systems involved will all work together and in the same direction – which is what this Strategy is all about.

In a way it’s a new Industry. It is also Community driven. That is why it must be developed with the People and not just from Washington. This is a unique opportunity to harness new ideas and evolve new digital platforms to provide the People of America with new alternatives to the existing solutions to Pain and Despair.

The Subjects covered by this Strategy may appear wide-ranging. However, if President Trump and America want to reverse the increasing trend of Drug Addiction and make America ‘great again’ then they must be prepared to address all the factors that contribute to what  has become a symbol of America decay. You cannot stop a bucket leaking water unless you plug all the holes.This Strategy does just that.

It may appear ambitious but you cannot address America’s Drug Crisis without including all the components of a system which cause Drug Addiction.

For that is what America has become;

A ‘System for Producing & Maintaining  Drug Addiction’. 

The Pilot Schemes will establish the Procedures for a more comprehensive, documented and quality controlled system which can then be adopted and modified to suit those communities who want zero drugs. Although it may appear that the subject base is too all-encompassing it should be pointed out that initially the subjects listed will only be micro-applied to the Pilot Schemes. Thus for instance where the subject is Economic Reform of Countries that manufacture and supply illegal Drugs only the effect of the reform will be used in the ‘Pilot’. I have written an outline of how this will succeed in practise. Quality Control will become an essential part of the application of the Strategy. The Pilot Schemes are intended to show America and the World that it is possible to reduce the dependence on Opioid Drugs and stop the use of illegal Drugs. President Trump’s current Committees on the Drug Crisis will be attempting to apply a Nationwide solution. I hope to be able to present this Outline to them.

Quality System and Systemic Approach. I have a B.A Degree in Systems Management and have successfully written and implemented a complete Q.C system ISO 9001/2 into an Engineering Company. The Strategy Process of Implementation will comply with ISO 9001 as will any Agency or company (or part of) that has any connection or interface with the Pilots. It is also intended it use ISO 9001 in the Strategy Component concerning  ‘Protecting the Second Amendment and achieving Gun Control with A New Safer System’.

I know how effective a QC System is in maintaining standards of behaviour and preventing fraud and corruption. U.S Quality Conference 2018

The problem is too big to solve with a top down approach. This Strategy begins as a seed and grows into a tree. It is simply not possible to sit round a table and produce a solution. The problem is too big and too diverse. This is a ‘sleeves rolled up’ approach which will allow the many dedicated Professionals involved in the Drug Crisis to watch and participate in the ‘growth’ of the solution. In effect it is a new approach but one that will allow mistakes to be made but people not harmed.

This is not a Strategy for the faint-hearted. It is one of self-help  and confrontation with the true facts of the Drug Crisis – Personal or otherwise. The Strategy has only one solution – An end to addiction of both illegal and Opioid Drugs and a comprehensive control of both the Supply and Demand for all Drugs be it Personal, Industry or Government. The Strategy Pilots must obtain the approval of both the Congress and the Senate in all their entirety. Every objection must be countered and every assistance sought. Drug Addiction is a common enemy and it requires Unilateral Leadership if it is to be beaten. President Trump has displayed his ability to blend Party lines into a common purpose and that is how the Drug Crisis must be countered – with a Common Purpose.

The Communities taking part must know that they have the support of their Governments regardless of Party if they are to succeed. The eyes of America and the World will be upon them as they seek to become the very first Communities to ensure that Drugs in any form do not control their lives. However, this will not be a sideshow. The Media will be barred from being ’embedded’. Many people who are addicted to drugs are one step away from death others are on the same road. You cannot roadshow desperation.

There are no free rides in the Strategy. Any person who is helped by the Strategy will have to use his or value to the Community to return his or her negative value as a Positive. This Strategy is a Business –  The Business of Self-respect and  Community Empowerment. It is not a Big Daddy approach. Nobody is forced to take part. That will be part of its reason for its sucess – it encompases the People’s of America desire to ‘Get the Job Done’.

It has to be this way. As a Nation America must live ‘Zero Drugs’. There can be no ‘Great’ in America until this modern day version of the bubonic plague is eradicated.

Subjects By Title: (To-date) or Click Here to Go to Subjects Page
Chronic Pain & Opioid Drugs
Climate Disaster Redundancy
Community Empowerment
Childcare and Education for Single Mothers
Congress and the Senate as Community Partners
Drug Addiction as a Symptom not a Crime
Ending the Business Of Drug Cartels through Economic & Trade Reform in Supply Economies
Fraud – Federal ID Verification – A New Model for Government & Third Party Government & NonGov Groups
Federal & State Law Enforcement Agencies – A new Approach to HealthCare Fraud
Federal Health Funds Transfer New Secure Digital Channels
Protecting the Second Amendment and achieving Gun Control with A New Safer System
Healthy America Pilot Scheme Lifestyle Choices
Healthcare Insurance a New Model
Innovation in Healthcare using new Digital Platforms
Legalised Controlled Safe Prostitution
Money Laundering Digital Enforcement
New Industry and its Opportunities
New Smart Patient Platform & Application
Pharmacutical & Health Industry Legislated Responsibilty
Pilot Evaluation Programs
President Trump’s Made in America Campaign – As a Catalyst & Leadership Role
Total Pharmacutical Hospital and HealthCare Tracking with QC
U.S & Phillipines Implementation Strategy
U.S Military – A New Involvement
Universal HealthCare for Pilot Schemes
Workplace Drug Testing & Search incl Military Transport as a Routine Legislated Process
Zero Crime Target in Pilot Schemes
Zero Unemployment as a Solution to Drug Addiction
Zero Supply & Zero Use of Drugs for Pilot Local Prisons with Prison Reform
Zero Cash System for Crime Prevention
Zero Paper System for 100% Drug Stock Accounting
Zero Loss & Waste Timed Drug Delivery System for Patient Use
Zero Child Abuse in the Pilot Schemes
Zero Homeless in the Pilot Schemes

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